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A towel. A simple towel. We all use one everyday. At first, you might think there’s not much to towels; but you’d be wrong. There is a whole world of towels out there! 

Cuddledry are a fantastic company birthed in the UK. In fact, you may recognise the name from Dragons Den in which they received 2 offers from those pesky dragons; quite a feat I think you’ll agree. It does also mean that if you don’t take my word for it, 2 multi-millionaire investments from TV say that this company are high quality and know what they’re doing. 

Anyway, Cuddledry have invented a towel. A towel that is designed to make bathing your baby less stressful and more intimate, creating an opportunity to bond with your baby. Their towel acts as an apron that goes over your neck and covers your torso (and legs for those vertically challenged among us). So because it’s round your neck it means that both hands are free to lift / wash / hold the baby during bath time. Long gone are the days of trying to hold a slippery, wriggly baby with 1 hand! Trying to hold a wet baby at bath time is like trying to pin down a politician to answer a question: slippery! This is their USP but this towel has other features too. 

#1 It’s made from bamboo and cotton so it’s super soft, even after washing and if you’ve read any of my other reviews, you’ll know that I’m a fan of soft things. Except soft cheese! And soft fruit… 

#2 It has a single hand release popper so you can release it from around your neck to put the baby down whilst still being snug and all wrapped up in the towel. Clever! 

#3 The towel is double layered which absorbs water more quickly, taking the water away from the baby’s skin quicker. It also feels like those thick, posh hotel towels. 

Cuddledry have won numerous awards for this product whilst at the same time they have a whole load of other products that are worth taking a look at:

The Cuddledry is eco-friendly and more luxurious than any other towel out there. Spoil your baby with a nice towel! The prices start at around the £30 mark, which for a normal towel is extravagant but for a revolutionary, stress free, bonding bath time and a towel, it seems reasonable. Again, like my other reviews, sometimes the extra few pennies gets you SO much more. I think it’s worth it and so, as one of their Super-Bloggers, Cuddledry gets an official dad Network Star Rating of 5 / 5 stars. 

Cuddledry, photo 22%, product-review%

We highly recommend this company and it’s products and award Cuddledry with The dad Network award of recommendation. 

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