Cute and Romantic Gestures to show your partner you love them

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If you are looking for some romantic gestures to show your partner how much she means to you, here is a list that will brighten anyone’s day!

Happy wife, happy life is a saying that almost everyone knows! If you are looking for some romantic gestures to show your partner how much she means to you, here is a list that will brighten anyone’s day!

Doing something on a whim for your partner will go a long way in her good books, so earn yourself some brownie points with this list of things to do that will highlight how much you love her!

1. Take the kids on a day out!

By taking the kids on a day out, you are giving her the chance to be her own perso and not a mum for a day! This chance for some ‘me time’ is just what every mother wants now and again!

2. Get her favourite snack

Whether its a wagon wheel, or a bar of cadburys, grabbing her something while you are doing the shopping shows that she is on your mind!

3. Hold hands in public

Holding hands in public shows you’re in a committed relationship, and just feels special!

4. Plan a suprise date

Book a babysitter, a nice restaurant etc; she will absolutely love this!

5. Kiss your partner in places other than on the lips:

This could be kissing their shoulder, her hands, or even her cheeks! It’s nice to feel loved in other ways!

6. Give them free reign what series you two will watch next

This is the ultimate sacrifice, but just know you get to choose the next one!

7. Make her coffee in the morning

It’s so special when someone else makes you a lovely cup of coffee in the morning! Particularly if mornings aren’t your strongest point!

8. Make a bucket list together

This is one to do on a nice quiet night with a bottle of wine! Write down all of your wishes, places you want to travel to, and things you want to do together!

9. Snuggle.

As often as possible!

10. Hide a lovely little note somewhere where they will find it

Sometimes it can be lovely to find a note written by a loved one! Make sure it is cute and personal to you, and she will adore it!

11. Light up those candles

Even if you’re just eating a takeaway, this can really enhance the mood! Go full out here and create a romantic ambience

12. Go for a walk

Walking in each other’s company can be one of the most romantic things to do together! Even if it’s just a walk around a park, or to your local bakery!

13. Celebrate their little accomplishments

Not only will this make them feel really special, but it will let her tell you more about her daily life!

14. Give them a foot rub

This might be the ultimate test of your relationship, but it will go down a storm!

15. Write notes on their bananas

Be like Meghan Markle and leave cute messages on your loved ones bananas! This is not a euphamism I promise!

16. Send them funny gifs of things only the two of you get

Stay in your own little bubble, and make each other laugh!

17. Kiss them goodbye and tell them you love them

Every single day!

18. Take a shower together

This doesn’t need to be in a sexy way, but can be giggly and fun!

19. Email them memes on work time

20. Tell them all the little reasons you love them

Even if it is because they are a terrible singer in the shower, but you secretly love the early morning serenade!

21. Do the washing up when it’s their turn

Suprising your partner with clean dishes after she cooked is something she will adore!

22. Hug for that bit longer

Not enough people hug nowadays, so make your lady feel like a melted knob of butter by giving her an extra long hug!

23. Bring her flowers or chocolates for no reason.

Every lady likes to feel spoilt, so do it with a wonderful bunch of flowers, or a box of chocolates!

24. Snog without it leading to something more

Capture the magic of the early days when snogging was a thing in its own right.

25. Snog and have it lead to something more…

I mean, what is not to love! Just make sure the kids are in bed!

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