Cybex Anoris T Car Seat Review 

Cybex Anoris

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Car seats. There’s so much out there to confuse you. But ultimately there’s only one thing we should be concerned about – safety. How safe will this car seat keep my children in the event of an accident? And the answer to that, with regards to the new Cybex Anoris T front facing car seat, is extremely safe. 



Details on the Cybex Anoris

The Cybex Anoris T is designed for children from 15 months up to 6 years. Now I know what you’re thinking, “Front facing car seat from 15 months, no way!’ and you’re absolutely welcome to that thought, but let us give you the rundown on why the Anoris T is even safer than some rearward facing car seats:



25% of all road accidents are side-impacts, so Cybex has introduced Side Impact protectors. These wing-like protectors act as an energy absorber. They ensure that, in the event of a crash, the forces generated from a side impact is reduced by up to 20%. Again, this is something I’d never considered. But now it exists, it makes you wonder why everyone else hasn’t done it. 


Secondly, Cybex has done away with the traditional 5 point harness and created an innovative alternative. Instead of the harness, your child is secured into the seat via an impact shield which sits across your child’s midriff. The impact shield has a built-in airbag that activates in milliseconds in the event of a crash, protecting your child’s head, neck and body before the harmful forces of the collision even reach them. 


The last thing I really admire about the Cybex Anoris T is the onboard safety assistant. The safety assistant shows you whether or not the 3 security points are correctly fastened and safe for travel. The 3 points are:


  • The seatbelt
  • The Isofix arms
  • The Isofix leg 


Once all 3 are correctly fastened, the LEDs turn green. This gives you peace of mind that the car seat is safe and ready for your journey. It’s the small things like this that negate all of those thoughts that every parent has in the back of their mind and makes traveling with your children that little bit less stressful. 



Should I buy this car seat?


They say you can’t put a price on safety, and that is absolutely true. We parents spend so much money on irrelevant items and plastic-heavy toys which get a week’s worth of use and then it lives out the rest of its days under the stairs or in the loft. This often means that we then try and compromise on price for the things that really matter. The Cybex Anoris T is a reasonable price too at £599.00 in most online retailers. When you put that into perspective, you probably spend more than that in a year on coffee at your local coffee shop. Instead, you could buy up to 5 years of safety for your children. 


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