Cybex ZENO Review

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Having a child can often limit the amount of time you spend doing the things that you enjoyed before they arrived, and for me it was cycling.

I used to spend hours out in the woods on my mountain bike tackling semi-rugged terrain and getting back to the house covered head to toe in mud but when my little boy arrived it made it hard to find the time to get out and do a worthwhile thrash through the woods. 


CYBEX, the popular brand which you may know of for building buggies, car seats and other practical baby products have released their brand new Zeno Bike – a bike trailer come outdoor stroller and it’s absolutely fantastic. 


Like I said before, being unable to do something that you once did due to an external factor can be an annoyance, but since using the Zeno Bike, I’ve amassed over 50 miles on my bike in one month, all with my one year old in tow, and he absolutely loves being out with me on the bike! 

The trailer itself is superbly designed to ensure that attaching and detaching are as painless as possible which has always been a major flaw for bike trailers in the past, however the easy slide and click motion which the Zeno Bike has makes that process so much simpler. Cybex say that changing it from Trailer mode to Stroller mode takes a couple of seconds and they’re not wrong, it really is as simple as releasing a latch and placing the wheels (which are conveniently stowed on the trailer) into their slots. After a few changes, you’ll fancy yourself to rival the Red Bull Racing team at a pit stop. With that in mind, here are some of the other features which make the Zeno Bike a true pleasure to own and use:


  • Ultra absorbent suspension giving the MTB riders amongst us the ability to ride through the woodland paths with the trailer attached
  • Storage on the back of the trailer means you can take your toddlers’ change of clothes, water bottles and anything else they decide to bring along with them.
  • Comfortable child seat and straps 
  • Easily folded – to the point where you can hang it on the garage wall and you barely notice it 


Whilst the Zeno Bike acts fantastically as a bike trailer, it excels as a stroller too. Often, strollers have small wheels which crumble at the sight of the smallest bump in the road, the Zeno Bike gives you the confidence to go all-terrain and not worry about breaking your newest gadget. 

All in all, the Zeno Bike has given me the freedom to go out and enjoy my favourite hobby again without leaving me laden with guilt for being out for hours on end and that is priceless. 


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