Dad asks for help to make Grandparents Disappear

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As parents, we often appreciate passing the kids off to the grandparents for some much-needed respite. Grandparents are invaluable in this way. But there are occasions when we wish they’d just disappear…

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So when a dad from The Dadsnet asked for some help to make his child’s grandparents disappear, it was an opportunity for us dads to exercise our creativity.
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The dad shared a lovely photo of himself walking with his children, but the grandparents were in the background and he wanted them removed.

Disclaimer: the original poster has nothing against the grandparents, he just liked the photo of him and his boys and wanted it without anyone else in it.

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Here’s the original photo:

And here are a few solutions to his problem:

Got a favourite? 

Whichever you like best, one thing is for sure… It’s clear that dads are passionate about making the grandparents disappear from time to time.

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