We’re Calling for More Dad-Friendly​ Baby-Changing Facilities | #dadsforchange

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We started campaigning to make baby-changing facilities more accessible to fathers over 2 years ago.

Since then we’ve seen 1 national restaurant chain pledge (and deliver) a baby-changing unit in every male toilet in every one of their branches across the nation. But we’ve also continued to hear story after story from father’s who haven’t had legitimate access to a safe and clean place to change their baby’s nappy. Including a hospital.

Change is happening, but not quickly enough and so we will continue to campaign and raise awareness of this inequality.

We’ll be working with giant retailers to make sure their facilities are the best they can be and global media to continue to raise awareness and force the change that’s needed.

We also want to continue to work with you to celebrate where the facilities are good and highlight where they’re not so good and you can do that by simply adding that information to the map below.

The way it works is easy:

  1. Take a look at the map and see which services near you have dad-friendly facilities (or not).
  2. Use the form below to let us know about any dad-friendly or dad un-friendly facilities near you. (All submissions will be reviewed by a moderator before being added to the map)

Add your marker to the map

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We're Calling for More Dad-Friendly​ Baby-Changing Facilities | #dadsforchange, mailbox@3x%, %

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