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The rise in power of Dad Bloggers is rapid. Each day more and more dads, whether they are SAHD or not, are taking to their computers to share the trials and tribulations of modern fatherhood. Brands are responding and keen to work with dads on product reviews and seek out a male opinion, which, let’s be honest, is very different to a female opinion… (Although, we’d never say that to our partners!)

Dad Bloggers are paving the way for equal rights for dads everywhere in the world. We too have children and when we look after them, we’re not babysitting! With the reformed ideas on paternity leave, we’re beginning to see some change and the army of Dad Bloggers are certainly helping.

As The Dad Network, we therefore want to showcase some of our favourite dad blogs out there. We want these bloggers to be known and their thoughts heard. We’ve scoured the world of daddy bloggers and used our dad bloggers network to bring you some crackers! From hilarious to thought provoking, here’s our list of top Dad Bloggers to watch in 2015.

#1 Beard & Bug

Daniel Lister is really new to the world of blogging, although his wife is a little more accustomed. He’s created a smart looking blog in a short amount of time and it’s refreshing to read about things that you don’t normally find on dad blogs. His latest post about his child’s fashion was really interesting and he raises a good point… why do we generally buy gender specific clothing? If you have any thoughts, head over to his blog.

#2 Sunshine Dad Blog

A dad blogger from across the pond writing about the musings of his stay at home dad status! He’s a typical American dad who likes football (not soccer), hunting and he carries a pocket knife for those emergency moments when you need to cut something. A man after my own heart. I really enjoy his writing, especially an article about how football made him a better dad. A true sportsdad!

#3 You Are Dad to Me

A good friend I’ve made over the blogging community, Mathew is a stay at home dad from Toronto, Canada. He writes about modern fatherhood but from a very sensible and well articulated point of view. From style to healthy living to whiskey and wine, this blog is one to keep your eye on. There are so many great posts, but one that stood out to me is a post about teaching our children to persevere.

#4 Modern Dad Pages

Another Canadian representative here! He’s a really great guy writing about his various adventures as a stay at home dad. He writes fluently and about topics which seem actually worth reading. He’s very open and I found his ‘love letter’ to his children really touching.

#5 One Dad One Blog

Jim, from One dad One Blog, is the tech guy! If you like being a dad an you like anything tech then it’s worth checking out this blog. He seamlessly mixes his life as a dad with his love for gadgets and tech. He wrote a great article about his top 10 children’s TV programs.

#6 PapaTont

PapaTont is a dad blogger from the military. Firstly, I have the utmost respect for military dads. This blog offers a very real take on fatherhood. It tells the truth about being a dad; that it’s not always wonderful, magical experience but instead tiring, frustrating and sometimes miserable. Well written and honest, this is more than worth a click. His recent post about ‘parenting fails’ is nothing short of hilarious!

#7 Dad Who Blogs

Exactly what it says on the tin; a dad who blogs. Lewis is a down to earth dad who writes about his life with his wife & kids. His comical style of writing is brilliant to read and his blog offers plenty of interesting reads. Although he isn’t a newbie blogger, he is certainly a great blogger to follow. He’s heavily involved in the LoveAllDads podcast too!


So there you have it! 7 brilliant dad blogs to keep an eye out for and follow in 2015. It was great fun taking a close look at loads of dad blogs though. These are just some from a large selection I could have included. Don’t know how these blog award judges do it!

Hmmmmm…. That’s given me an idea! The Dad Network Honours! Watch this space!

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  1. Adam

    These blogs are good and have inspired me to blog as well. If you want check out goodkidguru.com. I just post about goings on and questions people ask me from time to time. Thanks for blogging dads.

  2. alan herbert

    Great post – most of these I didn’t know about, but will start following,
    I must admit a slight tinge of disappointment when I got to number 7 and I wasn’t listed. LOL but like my school report, Must Do Better.

    New Blogging Goal – A Dad Network Honours Award by end of 2015.

  3. Mike Smith | Sunshine Dad

    What an honor to be mentioned alongside these great blogs! Thank you for the network you’ve created and the voice you’ve become for dad bloggers (and mom bloggers too) all across the world.

  4. Dan Lister

    Strewth what a lovely post to wake up to before work today. Hopefully I can live up to the #1 spot and write some quality posts into the future! Thanks again mate, your support is appreciated immensely.

  5. Brian Scott

    This was very awesome of you to recognise some good dad bloggers! I’ve read and commented on most of these guys blogs at some point, but a couple that are new to me. A good way to get some guys noticed.

    You are always coming up with great ideas to help us dad bloggers.

    Great job, as always!

  6. Steve Patterson

    Thanks for the list, I will have to check those out. I am a daddy, Christian Blogger. Have a great day.

  7. Michelle Reeves (bodfortea)

    Brilliant! Thanks for sharing these blogs – I knew a couple of them but there’s a few new finds there too so I’m off for a good ol nosey – and thanks for linking up at #sharethejoy again this week too! x

  8. Michelle Twin Mum

    Thanks for the recommendations, I’m so pleased to see more dad bloggers, when I started blogging 7 years ago there was two Dads bloggin, I kid you not! Mich x

  9. Jim (OneDadOneBlog)

    You’re a true gent Al, thanks for the mention and hopefully I can live up to expectation as the year progresses.

    Its also great that some other Daddy Bloggers are commenting on the post too as I’ll be checking these out along with one or two from the 7 I currently haven’t come across before.

    Great work and great post… sharing is caring as they say :-)


  10. Mike B

    I didn’t make the cut, but I can say that I’ve read most of the 7 listed here and they encourage me to keep on writing! Congratulations on making the list guys!! Keep up the rad work!

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