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Dad Collective aims to showcase the very best Dad Influencers throughout the UK.

We work on campaigns that unite exceptional brands with exceptional content creators.

Dad Collective is the social media influencer arm of Dadsnet; a non-exclusive social media marketing agency.

We understand dad influencers because we are dad influencers.

Meet some of the Instadads

How does it work if you’re a brand?

With over 5 years experience being immersed in the world of dad influencers, there is no-one better positioned to deliver your social media campaign goals. We do the heavy lifting for you:

  • We’ve selected and vetted the best fit influencers for you
  • We discuss and share the briefs with all the influencers
  • We deliver all the influencers content
  • We pay the influencers
  • We feedback on the stats

This leaves you with 1 point of contact and 1 financial transaction and a hell of a lot more time.

How does it work if you’re an influencer?

Procuring work and bringing you deals is what we want to do. You sign up to Dad Collective, non-exclusively, and we bring deals to you as and when we can.

When you sign up to our Dad Collective database, you’ll share all your relevant info and your usual fee’s and we’ll keep your details securely for when we’re looking at prospectus deals.

Ideally, you need to have 5000 followers or more – it’s not a requirement, but this is where most brands threshold is so you will be more likely to get deals once you’re above this amount.

Dadsnet takes a 20% commission for bringing you the deal and managing the briefs and content delivery.


Can I still work with brands who contact me directly?

Yes. But not if it’s the brand that we’re currently working with you on.

Can I leave the program whenever I want?

Yes. Should you wish to leave us, you can just send us an email letting us know you’ve changed your mind and we’ll delete your details

How often will opportunities arise?

Good question! We hope, regularly. But like with any new project, it may take time to build up. One thing you can do is help us spread the word via your own social media.

If we’ve answered any questions you have, and you’d still like to sign up to Dad Collective then fill out a few quick details using the application form below. We’ll be in touch shortly afterwards.

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Full terms and conditions can be downloaded here

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