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The Dad Network Community

Community is fundamental to The Dad Network. From the outset it’s been one the underpinning core values and one that is vitally important to everything we do.

Without community, parenting would be impossible. That’s why we have NCT groups, antenatal classes, baby classes, forums, friends at the school gate; community is built into us all and something we all need, especially as parents.

But for a long time communities of dads have been few and far between. We aim to change that. Everything we do is based on bettering ourselves as dads, through being part of a community with other dads.

So how can you get involved in this dad community?

The best place to start is by letting you know what communities we offer!

1. The Dad Network Dad Community

The Dad Network Community, Community Dads 1024x218%, community%Very simply, currently over 2,000 dads share their joys, fears and hopes as dads. This group is so unbelievably supportive, with no judgement, you’ll definitely feel comfortable and part of a very unique group. Join it here.

2. Dad Channel

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Dad Channel is The Dad Network’s YouTube Channel. It lays host to some of the UK’s finest dad vloggers, all sharing an authentic window in fatherhood. Take a look here and make sure you subscribe.

3. The Dad Network Dad Bloggers Community

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Who knew that in the short amount of time that we’ve been blogging, the number of dad bloggers has more than doubled. It’s a great thing to see more and more dads finding their voice. This community is all about sharing posts, hints and tips with other dad bloggers. Join this group here.

4. The Dad Network Parent Bloggers Community

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Like the dad bloggers group, we also want the same for all parent bloggers. Basically, it means that we do also value mums too. Join here.

5. The Dad Network Mums Community

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For every dad out there, there’s also a mum. So we’ve created a space for all the partners of our dads community to do whatever it is mums do. Come and join this group here.

6. The Dad Network Live

The Dad Network Live is our annual event for dads from all over the UK to gather in central London. The purpose is simple; to meet other dads, share experiences, learn from each other and make friends. You’ll find out more on this if you’re on our mailing list or a member of the dads group.

7. The Dad Network Local

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Meeting and speaking to dads virtually is great. But there comes a point where having another dad in your locality, with whom you can actually meet up with has benefits that the internet can’t provide. Keep an eye out in the various communities to see where your closest local gathering is. For more information, get in touch here.


Our hope is that from seeing that list, you can tell just how important community is to us. If you want any further information on any of this, then get in touch.

About Al Ferguson

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Al Ferguson is the CEO and founder of The Dadsnet.
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  • Good afternoon,

    I met Al at the stay at home dads convention in North Carolina last year. I’m doing a PhD at the University of Cambridge on stay at home dads and really need to recruit more fathers to take part in the research. There’s an incentive for the dads (£10) and also I’d like to get more fathers’ voices heard. Do you think there would be a possibility of advertising my study on your facebook or twitter or website please? I’d really appreciate it. If so, I can email you an advert and you can see what you think of it. Thanks!

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