The Dad Network Fitness Program Download


This is your first step to losing your dadbod for good!

This is an exclusive offer, only to members of The Dad Network and you really won’t be able to get what we’re going to give you anywhere else. For free, that is.

Below, you have the opportunity to download our bespoke, 8-week training plan and provided you stick to it like Gorilla Glue… you’ll start to see some amazing changes in your body, fitness, and general health.

Rory Flashman is our in house personal trainer and nutrition coach. He’s fully certified and, perhaps more importantly than all of that, he’s a dad. So he understands the time pressures, the fatigue and the demands children (and partners) have on us.

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So, to get your free fitness program download you have to do the following things:

How will we know you’ve done all these things? Well, to do all 3, you need to use the Rafflecopter widget below. (If it doesn’t work at first, try opening it in a new window – some browsers are temperamental)

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You have just 24 hours to claim your free training program, so don’t hang about.

Once the 24 hours has finished, we’ll email your plan directly to your inbox.

One last thing we want to ask…

…Please keep us updated with your progress. Take a before and after photo and share in the fitness group. Keep accountable with others in the group. And encourage others, because there will likely be a point you need some encouragement and motivation too.

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