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To a new dad, or indeed a new mum, there isn’t much more important than sleep. It’s arguably the most distressing and difficult issue with new babies. I’d even go as far to say that it’s one of the most debated and discussed topic in the parenting world.

And with that in mind, The Dad Network has some exciting news. We now have our very own baby whisperer joining us. Let me introduce to you to our resident sleep expert, Katy Pye.



A bit of background on Katy…

Katy has been a nanny, in some capacity, for about 8 years.  She’s also been a Monkey Music class teacher and she ran her own story classes for toddlers called ‘Story Sock’ in South East London.  She completed her sleep training qualification last year and was one of the only people to receive 100% for the assessments.  She also work as a maternity nanny, getting babies and parents settled into their new lives together, establishing routines if requested, getting into good sleep habits and establishing feeding etc.

Katy is joining our team here at The Dad Network to answer all your sleep related problems! I for one have several thousand I’d like to ask her!!! All you need to do is fill out this form with your questions about your baby’s sleep habits. We’ll collate all the questions, Katy will answer them and we’ll email the answers directly to your inbox.


Here’s what some people have said about Katy:

“Katy worked with my husband and I for 5 days and nights, in late June this year.  Our baby was ten days old (our first) and we were feeding on demand and without any sort of routine.

Katy, very calmly and gently, helped us get into the rhythm of a 3 hourly feeding routine during the day.  Our baby responded really well and we enjoyed having some sense of structure to our days.

Katy was very knowledgeable, without being over-powering, and taught us a lot over the course of the five days she was with us.  She is undoubtedly a natural with babies and was lovely to have in the house.  Katy helped with lots of household tasks, above and beyond the call of duty, and fitted in with us and our family and friends perfectly.

I cannot recommend Katy highly enough and we would not think twice about asking her to come and help us again, further down the line.  I have already recommended her to a number of my friends.”


“When Katy came to stay with us we had been given some ridiculous feeding on demand advice and were going stir crazy. Not only did Katy allow us some much needed sleep but also got us on a structure. She was amazing. I trusted her completely and her baby knowledge was great. She is brilliant at what she does, she is very confident and therefore the baby feels confident. Her patience is also amazing!”


“During the 5 nights Katy completely reassured us if we were unsure about anything and we always felt very at ease after her explanations. Rafi was never left to cry on his own and everything Katy did was with kindness and care. She advised us on what aspects of Rafi’s room we should change to help the process and everything we did worked instantly, it was amazing. During the daytime Katy was around to help with Rafi too. She took him to classes, out for walks and filled our freezer up with lots of yummy homecooked meals for him. Having Katy was the best desicion we ever made. Ever since she came to stay with us Rafi has slept amazingly. If he has ever woken up he usually gets himself back to sleep and if we need to go in then the steps that Katy taught us work instantly.”

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