Dad power tools to hack it in the garden

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Spring has officially sprung and now is the best time to get out into the garden.

Getting out into the garden is one of the best ways to bond as a family.  There are so many fun activities for your kids to get up to, from making mud pies, to planting seeds and generally mucking in.  While they are distracted you can get to work on the slashing and hacking tools.

The sun is out, the grass is dry. Here’s all you need to plug in and make your garden picture-perfect for summer.

The benefits of battery-powered tools

If you are just starting out in the garden and want to get your hands on some serious machinery, then look no further than a battery powered garden tool.  Here are a few of the advantages that a battery powered tool

  • Lightweight Though some batteries can have a little weight to them, most are still lighter than gas-powered tools.
  • Less noise Battery-operated tools are extremely quiet in comparison to their gas counterparts.
  • No exhaust No gas means no fumes.
  • Freedom of movement Unlike with electrical tools that have a cord, you are not limited in range.
  • Minimal maintenance No oil to change, gas to fill or spark plugs to buy. Just charge the battery, keep it clean, sharpen a blade and lubricate a few moving parts.
  • Save money Battery-operated tools are often less expensive, and you don’t need to purchase gas or oil.



1. Grass Strimmer

If you are looking at keeping your lawn trim and neat, then you should invest in a really good edger and trimmer to keep your lawn edges crisp and even.  Make sure you get some string as well so that you don’t run out.

If used well, grass trimming is the finishing touch to a meticulously maintained lawn.  It gets to parts that your usual lawnmower can’t reach, around trees, tight corners and even patios.

The WORX 20V Cordless Grass Trimmer WG163E.2 is a great addition to your home.  It allows for button activated cord release, and is a two in one machine, converting from a strimmer to an edger and back again.  Get yours here 



2. Hedge Trimmer


Hedge trimmers allow you to get your hedges and shrubs looking just right without it taking up too much time or energy. The right hedge trimmer makes the work efficient, safe, and fast.  If you try to get it done with shears, you’ll find yourself spending a significant amount of time and wearing yourself out needlessly.  Grab one here today. 




3. Pole Pruner

If you are looking to prune high up branches, but don’t need a chain saw, then look no further than a than a telescopic pole pruner.  It has the same function as a chainsaw, but you can use it from further away.  Being electric as well they tend to be much quieter and lighter to use so are perfect for built up areas or where you are needed to use the tool for a prolonged period. Get one here today. 


4. Leaf Blower

What is a dad without his leaf blower?  Making a pretty pile of crunchy autumn leaves is one of the greatest joys of getting out into the garden.  An electric blower is a much better choice for the casual gardener who doesn’t need to collect large amounts of leaves.

You can also invest in a three in one, a leaf blower, vacuum and mulcher.  You can use the leaf mulch to cover your plants and fertilise your soil in an easy and compact way.

Right now WORX has a deal on with their Trivac Garden Blower, Mulcher and Vacuum priced at £56.60.  Grab one today. 


5. Robot mower

If you are looking to spend more time with your kids and still maintain an excellent lawn, then why not invest in a robot mower.  

Daily mowing promotes grass growth creating a dense and lush play area for your children, and also wards away those pesky weeds.  If you’ve got one of those dads that likes his lawn to look like a golfing green, that takes a lot of work. Reduce some of the chore with tools that will simplify grass maintenance.

Gone are the days where robot mowers needed guide wires and would ricochet off of trees and trampolines.  We recommend the WORX Landroid.  It has so many cool features, from theft prevention, to ultrasonic obstacle recognition.  Get your’s today here. 



What are your favourite power tools in the garden?  Let us know in the comment section below!

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