Dad shorts season declared officially open

Dad shorts

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Springtime brings the daffodils. the reemergence of woodland animals from hibernation and the inevitable first sighting of the dad shorts. As the temperature clocks up to double digits, British dads raid the depths of their wardrobes for their well-loved cargo short plumage, which they will then sport until autumn.


Dad shorts


Naturalists eagerly await this significant step away from winter and towards the return of summer, as beshorted dads gather together in their favourite habitat – around the barbecue. This wonder of the natural world is much sought after by wildlife experts, hoping to hear the familiar call of the pack, which sounds something like “stick some more lighting fluid on there. It’ll be fine.”

Dad shorts spotted

The BBC’s Springwatch programme reported the first sighting of dad shorts this year, when Michaela Strachan witnessed a father in checked three-quarter-length strides scurry passed her towards the stubby French lagers in Aldi towards the end of March.

“It was a blink-and-you-miss-it situation,” exclaimed the former Really Wild Show presenter, “all I heard was the faintest swish of polyester on polyester and I turned to see him, just before he darted off down the middle aisle towards the angle grinders.”

Since then, other spotters have lodged sightings at school fairs, classic car shows and DIY shops, just after opening on a Sunday.


Dad shorts


Types of shorts

Of course, dad short enthusiasts know that there is not just one breed of dad short out in the wild. They come in all shapes and sizes. From the snug Mediterranean variety, to the classic baggy cargo short and the cut-off jeans look that is fast becoming a firm favourite. The more adaptable of the species sport the full length trouser during the inclement months, before unzipping the bottoms and, like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon, revealing a surprise short.


Dad shorts season

With these initial sightings of dad shorts in the wild, we can assume that dad shorts season is upon us. Some interesting accessory variations to look out for as the season continues include the sock and sandal ensemble, the bumbag sagging down over the top look and the ever-popular phone-attached-to-the-belt-of-the-dad-shorts aesthetic.



Havre you spotted any dad shorts in the wild? Leave your sightings in the Comments

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