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Imagine if there was a way of sharing your thoughts, feelings, trials and tribulations about being a dad with the world.

Imagine if there was somewhere you can learn and hear about how other dads do it.

Imagine a place where you can gain insight into the innermost workings of a dad.

Imagine knowing, for a fact, that someone else, somewhere, is also severely sleep deprived, covered in sick and fumbling around in the dark room of fatherhood.

Welcome to …


The Dad Network TV

The Dad Network TV is the UK’s first online and YouTube Channel dedicated to dads and I’m excited to announce that today is it’s official launch. The channel lays host to some of the UK’s finest dad vloggers all sharing their experiences and perspectives on parenting; the home of the dad vlogger.

Before I go on some more, it’s best you pop over and check out the website. You can see the latest vlogs and get all the info in more detail.

So The Dad Network TV is all about bringing a real, honest and fresh perspective on parenting from dads with different experiences who will all share their unique take on parenting.

Obviously, I believe very much so, that fatherhood and the role dads take in their children’s lives is exceptionally important and I believe that dads have had a raw deal. But now we’re seeing a cultural shift and dads are starting to stand up and be counted for.

The channel is designed to be a place of interest, humour, reality, learning, encouragement, support & entertainment; all of which dads need in abundance. For the launch, the 11 dad vloggers have all shared their labour room stories. When I saw these vlogs, I was amazed, amused and moved. You will not find a more genuine insight into what labour is like for dads than this series of vlogs. I highly recommend checking out each video in turn.

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You’ll see various Dad Network TV articles & news pop up on The Dad Network from time to time, but the best thing you can do is hop over to the channel itself and subscribe so you don’t miss anything.

Here’s a few of the videos so you can start getting to know some of the Dads!


Don't miss a thing

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  1. John Adams

    I am really looking forward to contributing videos to this venture. It’s a marvellous idea and the material on the channel is brilliant. Really good idea to get this off the ground Al. #BrilliantBlogPosts

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