DadCon Digital 2020

An open conversation with Dad 3.0

DadCon is the UK’s largest convention for dads. Providing the chance to not only hone skills to help dads become better dads, but also opportunity meet and socialise with like-minded dads.

Being a dad can be a lonely place – so this flagship event that brings dads from all over the UK together in one place, is invaluable to so many.

Due to Covid-19, this years event was initially cancelled but we’re thrilled to announce that we’re bringing back, digitally.

Included in your ticket price, you’ll receive access to all sessions – plus a few perks from discount codes to exclusive offers to quiz night.

Keynote Speakers


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Becoming a father is quite simply pride redefined. You have been proud of that car in the past, or that goal (or tackle); maybe that Call of Duty shot or being a Best Man or perhaps even the Groom himself. It’s all good, but when you hold your child for the first time it’s just another level…it’s your Lion King moment and it echoes through your life forever.

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From 27th November for Black Friday weekend, egg are offering 20% discount on the award winning Rockit and Zed – the must-have parenting gadgets. 



1200: Emma Hammet – Baby & Toddler First Aid. Emma Hammett is the Founder of First Aid for Life and widely recognised as an authority on First Aid matters.

1400: Nicola Roke – An informative and interactive session aimed at new dads, giving an overview of family friendly rights and flexible working arrangements for new Dads. Danton HR is an independent HR consultancy supporting small to medium sized businesses, from basic legal compliance through to complex case support, organisational change and leadership development. Nicola has been in HR for 20+ years, and set up her own business 9 years ago.

1600: Richard Lucas – CEO and C-founder – Richard talks mens mental health and wellbeing. With 25 years’ leadership experience behind him, Richard has a unique take on mental health & wellbeing with a personal story that led him, and a like minded team, to create, the online Mental Health Wellbeing tool. 

2000: Dr Anna Machin – The Science of Fatherhood
Dr Anna Machin is an evolutionary anthropologist, writer and broadcaster. She is world-renowned for her pioneering work exploring the science and anthropology of fatherhood.

2100: Comedy Night with Vlad!


1200: The Daddy Sleep Consultant – How to get your baby to sleep + Q&A

1400: Christopher Lewis – Raising Daughters in the 21st Century

1500: Ivan Hollingsworth – Fundraising, health, fitness & fatherhood

1600: PURA Sponsored Session – Michael Johnson-Ellis; Surrogacy & same-sex parenting

1700: Lucy Upton, Specialist Paediatric Dietitian @childrensdietitian

1800: Masculine Fatherhood – Doug French is a writer, speaker, podcaster, and co-founder of Dad 2.0, where marketers, media, experts, and parents discuss and define modern #fatherhood. He has been profiled in or written for several magazines and newspapers, including The New York Times

2000: Live Q&A with James Cracknell OBE – Adventurer, Olympian and Dad.

2030: Happy Hour + Exclusive Discount Codes + Quiz Night



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