Teach your kids how to ‘date’

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  1. James

    My only wish is that this response, nay, even a balanced argument get printed in exactly the same space as the original article. How did that poor piece of objective and single sided journalism make it across the editor in chief’s desk and approved to print? Sadly I feel that your perfect reply will only get as far a this website, and not to the ‘Lifestyle’ section of the METRO.

    • Al Ferguson

      Thanks buddy – I have sent it to Metro – let’s see if they get back… I’m not holding my breathe though

  2. Mike

    Here here. I was so unbelievably angery at the article I submitted a complaint to the paper.

    I fully agree about the “adult language”. In my complaint I pointed out just 2 types that are not sexual. Coffee date (with friends) play date (kids playing parents chatting (hopefully not sexual)

    Well done for voicing what so many fathers have been thinking.

  3. Martin lee

    I am reminded of the past post about men kissing their children on the lips, only someone with insecurities would have an issue with this!

    • Iain Dick

      Totally agree Martin. I remember that post too. Was wildly ignorant and unfounded. It’s about creating a safe learning lifestyle that’ll prepare kids for life as an adult in the most gentle way.

  4. David Elliott

    Whoever think parent dates with their kids is creepy is nuts. And I firmly agree with you that when you are a dad with a daughter, this is the first male relationship in her life. Her dad should be teaching her about how she should be respected and appreciated. And it definitely shouldn’t just be about the sex. When my daughter does date I want her to know that she should be treated with respect and that she should find someone who is honestly as interested in her as a person as her father is.

  5. Steven ortega

    I think it’s kinda cute

  6. Tom MH

    Great piece. Metro is a poor excuse for a rag. Really just celeb gossip & …’and finally’ (a dog on a skateboard/ rapping parrot etc) stories. Keep on trucking.

  7. JonathanCR

    I’m afraid I do think this kind of thing is creepy. The original post says explicitly that the girl’s father is setting an “example” of “how she deserves to be treated” – i.e. like a “princess”, with doors being held open for her and everything. So she’s being taught that she’s a pretty object who should have things done for her by a man.

    The relationship between a father and daughter can’t be the model for future relationships with the opposite sex because it’s inherently unequal. We don’t expect the relationship between a father and son to be the model for all future same-sex friendships because it’s not that kind of relationship. If you make the father’s behaviour to his daughter the model for how she should always be treated throughout life then you’re setting her up for inherently unequal relationships, where the man had all the power and uses it to treat the woman like a precious, passive object.

    Note for example that there’s absolutely nothing here about teaching the daughter how she should treat other people. It’s solely about how she should be treated. What kind of lesson is that?

  8. Mark Thomas

    I do this with Evelyn all the time. Except without the whole dressing up thing, I saw one the other day and she was proper dressed up, lipstick, hair done and everything. I think that’s a bit creepy.

    But I’ll take Evelyn for ice cream or we go for something to eat. She chats about school (nursery) and it’s just beautiful.

  9. Aidan O’Kane

    I think it’s more about social interaction between sexes than any other thing. I don’t believe anyone on here thinks it’s an actual date with her dad but more of a role play.
    A bit of fun but with a little added ‘life learning.’ It’s about how your daughter should expect to be treated but also how she should act in a certain social scenario and about how she should treat others!
    More than anything thought it’s just a parent having fun with their child!

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