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Daddy time

Don't miss a thing

By Al Ferguson

Al Ferguson is the CEO and founder of The Dadsnet.

Published on 03/02/2014

I think it’s vital for dads to carve time out for themselves. Pick your opportunity to get out and do the things you love. It is harder, especially as I don’t want to leave the wife for a second, and the bump. I want to be with them all the time, but it is important to get out. (Especially when you have a marathon to prepare for in 3 months time like me.) 

I have just got back from an 8 mile run and it was good once I got out. I find the thought of missing out on time with Jen and bump quite hard, but Iike I said, once I was out, I enjoyed it. I timed it so that Jen was at work for a bit, so I didn’t miss time at home. (The nursery decorating is happening, see my other post.) And that to me is the way to do it, time it wisely and pick your opportunities. When your partners mum is round, or when she’s tired, or if she’s seeing friends or at work, make time for yourself. 

Anyway, for those interested, I’ve posted my times below. I’ve just started training, so my miles aren’t great yet. If anyone has any smart training tips, I’d love to hear them. I might try some hill sprints

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Don't miss a thing

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