The Nation’s Dads Choose Their Favourite Toppings Ahead Of Pancake Day

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It’s all about the gravy apparently.

A recent survey of The Dadsnet community has revealed information the nation has been long debating around Shrove Tuesday. What is the best pancake topping?

The Top 5 Toppings

Lemon & Sugar

It’s a classic. It tops our poll as the No.1 favourite for our Dads. Sour simplicity, sliced and squeezed, with a sprinkle of sugar.

Maple Syrup

Can’t beat a drizzle of the sap from a maple tree. A unique ingredient, smooth and silky textured, with a sweet, distinctive taste, capturing toffee caramel overtones.

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Chocolate Spread

It’s chocolate. That spreads. What’s not to love? Also available married to hazelnut or honey. Supercalorificabsolutelydelicious. To dip or smother? That is the question. Both!

Golden Syrup

As you can see the tin of Lyle’s is empty. That’s for a good reason – it’s super popular. A go to topping for pancake munching Dads. Also comes in handy as a storage solution for all those odd screws and bolts and er…cutlery. I do hope that tin’s empty.

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Strawberry Jam

A good strawberry jam has a soft even consistency, without distinct pieces of fruit, a bright colour, a good fruit flavour and a semi-jellied texture that is easy to spread, but has no free liquid. Get spreading!

…And For Those With More Exotic Tastes


This is genuinely a Dadsnet community agreed topping. Maybe it’s the North / South divide, but I’m still struggling to savour the proposed ladling of meat gravy onto my pancakes.

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Cheese & Ham

Are we just missing the pancakes? Or should it be chunks of cheddar and teddy bear ham? Think I’ll just start with the wine, and go from there.


The Saturday night staple. Pancake over pitta. Is it just the meat or the whole lot smothered with sauce, salad and chips? I think the holy kebab is the actual meal here, with pancakes technically being the topping. Right?

Ice Cream

I can see this being a great choice – more of a crêpe thing though? Isn’t a
crêpe just a thin pancake? What’s the difference? Answers on a postcard please!


“Almost anything can be improved with the addition of bacon.” – Jasper Fforde

Did we miss any great toppings? Comment below and let us know!

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  1. Luke

    All down to what time of day!

  2. LewisBrown

    I do love maple syrup and bacon on a pancake

    • Ben Marsh-Allen

      That sounds a winning combo!

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