Dads Describe What It’s Like Living With Kids Using Only GIFS

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We can always rely The Dadsnet Community to make us laugh!

Our GIF loving Dads recently described what it’s really like living with kids using the internet’s favourite bitmap image format. Did you know GIFs have been around since 1987? Longer than some of our Dads! 

So what is it like living with kids?

Here’s a selection of our favourites taken from a thread in The Dadsnet Facebook Closed Group. Who knew that Dads could so accurately describe what it’s like living with kids – only using GIFS!

Dad Training 101

Say goodbye to food privacy and err…hygiene?

Super accurate.

Why is there always more housework?

We’re essentially raising packs of velociraptors!

At least the wall doesn’t answer back…

…and yet doing this is still less of a headache?

It’s a permanent mayhem.

That’s why you let sleeping babes lie.

The Dad Reflex.

In reality we’re all like:

Did we miss any good ones? Do you have a favourite? Comment below!

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