Dads Fight Back Against Emma’s Diary’s Sexist Meme

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In a world where equality is at the centre of most political discussions, it’s amazing how the big players in various industries still get it wrong.

Emma’s Diary, I would say, are a big player in the world of parenting. They have done some amazing things in their time and I’ve always respected them for the work they do for new parents. However…

…today, they have let themselves down.

They released this meme, with the caption: Mummy is always there to save the day!


If I were to give them the benefit of the doubt, I’d say that they’re just trying to be cute about how stinky changing a baby’s nappy can be. But I don’t think they deserve the benefit of the doubt because they should really know better than to produce a meme that endorses, strengthens and encourages the ongoing notion that dads are fumbling, clueless idiots when it comes to looking after a baby.

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They’ve even gone against their own Facebook rules as one member of The Dad Network helpfully pointed out to them:


Mummy is always there to save the day!!! Is that even serious? I cannot tell you how much I object to suggesting that ‘mummy’ is required to save the baby from their ‘daddy.’ It’s just wrong.

And it’s not just me who thinks this about the meme. On the Emma’s Diary Facebook page they have received, not just dads, but mums defending their partners.

That speaks volumes!

Here at The Dad Network, we rallied the troops and decided to fight back against this continual stereotyping and show Emma’s Diary that us dads are not ‘scared to change a smelly nappy’ and that our children certainly don’t need saving from us!


Please do share this picture in support.

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  1. Bella

    I couldn’t agree more. When my son was born, it was his Dad who changed his first nappy, gave him his first bath and took him for his first walk. He did a fair chunk of parenting which was a precedent set by my own dad and other male relatives. the meme was poorly thought out and really out of touch.

  2. Mr J McCarron

    I always changed my daughters nappy when she was a baby as my wife hated doing this and I would take her out and feed her as often as possible back then and sadly my wife passed away when my daughter was only nine years old and against everyone I knew telling me I would not be able to manage on my own bringing her up and I should put her in care I told them where to go with the ideas they all held. And I am happy to say my beautiful daughter is now 21 and had a very good childhood, So although it was a very sad time I was able to show the people around me that I would have loved my late wife to be part of our daughters life it is possible for a DAD to be just as good a lone parent as a woman. But I think its much nicer if your a couple. But I am sure there are thousands of dads out there who save the day every day and they should get the respect they deserve instead of getting slated every day. Thank you.

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