A Dad’s Tale of IVF

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  1. CGT

    You got what I didn’t but I am so happy for you, she is an absolute darling!
    I appreciate your turmoil with the no. 2 – we tried twice at a huge cost and then donated our resultiing for training as we couldn’t bear to go through it again. – too much!
    He already had kids anyway from a previous relationship and I have lots of nieces, nephews and God children, I think people feel sorry for me?
    I am glad I at least tried, I won’t live my life now wondering ‘what if?’

    • Al Ferguson

      So agree about the wondering of what if. Thank you for sharing your experience and I’m very sorry that it did not end the way you had hoped.

  2. A.

    Such a lovely, insightful story. We went through IVF almost four years ago, which resulted in our lovely little daughter three years ago. We were fortunate the first time, at a fraction of your cost however with only one fertilised egg – the lucky one – we weren’t faced with any more questions.

    As much as we would love to give it another try, we would neither have the time – the biological clock has probably ticked too far – nor an appropriate situation on the hole. On the other hand, I think the little one would love a little sibling, but will cope just fine being an only child, with caring, loving parents and friends; maybe a bunny would be nice too ;-).

    Also, being a med school student, I appreciate all donations making training and the opportunity to become well-educated doctors possible. Thank you all and have a great summer!

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