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Dads pregnancy symptoms

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By Al Ferguson

Al Ferguson is the CEO and founder of The Dadsnet.

Published on 18/02/2014

My wife is now 17 weeks and getting bigger by the day. She now feels the baby wriggle or kick in her tummy all through the day. She loves this feeling and is constantly calling me over to see if I can feel. It is a bit early for that, but it doesn’t stop the frustration of feeling like I’m missing out. If I added up the amount of time I have spent trying to feel the baby move, I could have watched the 3 lord of the rings movies back to back! And yet, I still haven’t felt him.

 Do other dads feel left out here too? It’s said that around 90% of dads feel at least 1 pregnancy symptom, whether it’s nausea or moods wings. I must fall within the 10% that hasn’t! but one symptom I would love be a part of is feeling our baby move.

 I’ve attached a couple of videos. For Father’s Day Huggies produced a belt that captures the real time kicks and moves of the baby and allows the father to feel. The mum wears one that receives the sensation and the dad wears the other belt that allows him to feel what the mum feels. It’s a great invention and video. (All in Spanish though.) Perhaps one day this will be made available to dads.

I am certainly feeling frustrated and like I’m missing out and cannot wait to feel our baby, even if it is with my hand, and even if I have spent an eternity waiting for that moment.

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