Dads Reveal Their Male Celebrity Crushes

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The hunt for the celebrity who gets us Dads flustered.

At Dadsnet we’ve had celebrity crush threads before, but not like this. Just for a bit of fun, a Dad asked his local community group: “Who is your celebrity man crush?”

Apparently, we’ve nearly all got one even if we don’t admit to it. It turns out lots of dads were happy to share! We’ve included the cream of the crop here in Dads Reveal Their Male Celebrity Crushes.

Remember this is just meant to be a bit of fun. If this post isn’t for you – fine – but please don’t spoil it with negative or homophobic comments.

Ryan Reynolds

” A funny, handsome chap and Deadpool – what more can you ask for?”

David Beckham

“If I had a 3sum with him and Victoria, I’d spend more time on him.”

Chris Pratt

“If he can tame dinosaurs, he can tame you”

Robert Downey Jr

“Hi there.”

Tom Hiddleston

“He’s cheeky lol but also supposed to be a really decent bloke.”

Jason Momoa

“Permission to come aboard?”

Tom Hardy

John Barrowman

“He’d look after you, make you feel loved, give you a cuddle, and make you a sandwich after.” 

Right! This post has got me doubting my sexuality Hahahaha ?

Worried Dad

Hugh Jackman

“Oooohhhh good choice bro #teenagecrush ?”

Dwayne Johnson

“Fast & Furious.”

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

“He can leave the baseball bat at home.”

Ryan Gosling

“I’d have to agree.”

Bradley Cooper

“Tell me something, boy
Aren’t you tired tryin’ to fill that void?”

Dads (or mums…) did they miss any celebrities out? Comment below!

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