Dad’s Secret love affair…. with technology

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Miss Gadget
Ok I have a bit of a confession…. I have been cheating on my wife!  Ok perhaps not with another lady but with another love in my life… my technology!
Is it a love affair or an addiction? I am not sure… probably both!
It’s a relationship that has gone from strength to strength over my life!  I guess we should look at when it started.
LittleDYGI was young, so much so I still had nice hair and gorgeous blonde hair!! (see….).  I was lucky to have a dad that was in touch with technology, even back in the early 80’s!  My sister and I got a great present! A Commodore Vic 20.
I loved my Commodore Vic 20 and played loads of games on it, be that Cops’N’Robbers or Donkey Kong!  I then quick moved on to my beloved  Nintendo Gameboy (addicted to Tetris) and  Sega Master System (If you didn’t play Wonder Boy you didn’t live).
From then on I knew this was going to be a long love affair! My tech has moved on a bit since then, I have become a bit of an Apple fan boy! Be it my Mac, iPhone, iPad or my non apple tech such as my Pebble or Nikon Camera! I am not far away from a bit of tech!

Credit: Dejdżer / Digga/ Flickr

Credit: Dejdżer / Digga/ Flickr

I love nothing more (when I get a bit of me time) than having a read about the new tech that is on the horizon and then trying to work out how I can afford to pay for said new tech (if only I was that organised with posting my blog posts!)
I think secretly the wife is starting her own little love affair with technology but she would never admit it!
I don’t have withdrawal symptoms when I don’t have tech with me, but if I am honest that is a very rare occasion!
There are a couple of little beauties I have on my wish list that I have yet to obsess over, unsurprisingly one is the Apple watch, but I would also love a new Pebble Time which is a gorgeous bit of kit!   I am also lusting over a Go Pro Hero 4 (they are not cheap).   Beyond that I have recently opened up to a whole new genre of tech that has not been on my radar before, and that is camping tech and gadgets!
If you read my blog you will may have seen I have set a family goal to go camping as a family! This is going to be achieved very soon and after spending many an hour on the GO Outdoors, Blacks, Cotswold Outdoor sites (to name a few) I am now adding a load of camping tech to my wish list!
It does make me wonder could ever find myself on the wrong end of a divorce case with the lovely wife finally having enough and stating a reason for divorce as an affair with technology!
Hopefully not….

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