Dadsnet Christmas Craft: Mince Pie Stars

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If you are feasting on mince pies at the moment, don’t let the foil cases go to waste!  

Christmas is just around the corner, and this fun craft is eco-friendly and also gets you chomping down those mince pies!

These cute star decorations are made from foil cases that mince pies come in.  They are a brilliant addition to the Christmas tree and are so quick and easy to make that all the family can get involved!  So don’t feel guilty when you go in for that extra mince pie as it’s all going towards a child’s festive fun!

Here at Dadsnet, we have teamed up with Giggly who are passionate about letting children learn through play.  They have lots of wonderful activities to try out on their website that are fun for everyone! Have a look today!

What you need:

  • Lots of silver foil cases from mince pies
  • Child safe scissors
  • Needle
  • Thread

How to make Silver Foil Stars

Step 1.

Cut pizza shapes out of the silver foil case, only cutting the ridged side, not the smooth circle bottom.  Do this as many or as few times as you like!  All stars are perfect no matter how many sides they have.  You could have a three-pointed star, or you could have an eight-pointed star.  They all look beautiful.

Step 2.

Get your child to thread a needle and thread, but make sure not to knot it at the bottom!

Step 3.

Gently poke a hole through one of the points of the star with the needle, then push the needle and thread through. Make sure to hold one end of the thread as it goes through.  Then knot the two ends of the thread together.

There you have it!  A quick and easy Christmas decoration that looks lovely hanging on a tree or around the house.


When it comes to children and sharp objects it’s no wonder that parents can get worried!  A good way to get around this is by showing them first, then letting them do it.  By letting them use a needle, you are also telling your children that you believe they are capable enough to use a sharp object.  Children need to learn by doing, and this is a great craft that allows just that.

Go and check out Giggly today for more fun craft inspiration!


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