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Here at Dadsnet, we work with companies whose products we think you will love! With 2021 set to be the year of the BBQ, the £99 Meater Plus smart wireless thermometer ensures that your meat is succulent, safe to eat, and perfectly cooked each and every time! Check out for all of their other amazing products that will have you cooking like a pro in no time!

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The MEATER Plus wireless meat thermometer takes all the guess work out of cooking meat and fish to absolute perfection. It’s simple to setup and simple to use – even non-techy dads will find using it a breeze. The MEATER PLUS provides a smart guided cook system which will ensure satisfying, safe-to eat results, each and every time, and can be used with a large selection of meats and fish, from chicken and ribeye to salmon.

This feature-rich meat thermometer even lets your dad kick back and relax while his meat is cooking, so he can get on with all the things he enjoys, whether that be a bit of gardening or tinkering with a project in his shed. MEATER Plus does all the work, providing estimated cooking times, monitoring the meat whilst cooking and even sends alerts and lets you know your meat is cooked to perfection and ready to enjoy.

Using the MEATER+ meat thermometer:

  • Helps take away the risk of undercooked meat, one of the most common causes of food poisoning in the UK.
  • Ensures that meat is perfectly cooked to your preferred taste.
  • Saves money – dual sensors monitor the cooking temperature making sure you never burn and waste your expensive meat.

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