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Date Night at The MAD Blog Awards

Last night, not only did I go to the Mad Blog Awards with the possibility of picking up an award for the best baby blog 2015, but I also had the opportunity to take my beautiful wife along and make it a date night as well.

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A few months ago when we found out that out of 8,000 nominated blogs we’d made it through to the finals, we were overjoyed. Who’d have thought that people would have voted for The Dad Network to win an award? It’s great that you (it must have been some of you) did and we are so thankful for your support. Back then, the award ceremony, held in London, seemed a long way off, but like most things, it came round quickly!

The truth is, I wasn’t expecting to win, not with such great mummy bloggers in our category, so I very much wanted to make the most of the free dinner, the free entertainment and the free date! Another extra bonus is that my good blogging friend, SkintDad, (who lives just round the corner from me) was also up for an award, so our evening had a nice double date aspect to it as well.

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We all got the train to High Street Kensington, making sure we started the night right with a quick Prosecco and made our way to the hotel for some more drinks before dinner.

Date Night at The MAD Blog Awards, IMG 8488 e1442667232573%, uncategorised%Walking in to a room filled with mummy bloggers certainly has a daunting feel to it. It was great to see and chat to a few bloggers who’s avatars I recognised and the general feel was one of a great excitement and anticipation.

We sat down for dinner, a 3 course offering, and I must say that the food was delicious. Goat’s cheese panacotta, followed by a chicken risotto and finished with a warm chocolate mousse. The meal was worth going alone! (Sorry about the lighting for these photo’s…)

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After dinner the awards began, hosted by A rather drunk, Dr Ranj. He led us through each award category one by one. When it was our time, I waited in anticipation for the winner to called and when The Unmumsy Mum was named victorious, I couldn’t help but feel that I’d lost out to a worthy winner. If you haven’t seen her blog, you must take a read; hilarious!

It was great to sit on a table with some great bloggers and lovely company. Take a look at their blogs if you have a spare 5 mins! The Twinkle Diaries, Space for the Butterflies, What Katy Said, Spewing Mummy, Croque-Maman & Space for the Butterflies
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The wine continued to flow, Dr Ranj continued to get more embarrassing and I even had a sneaky dance with my beautiful date. I don’t really dance so if any one saw, apologies! This was an Instagram comment sent our way…  (The one from )

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Looking at my watch, it was midnight, which meant a mad dash for the last train home was about to occur. After plenty of jiggery pokery and train hopping (including a taxi) we made it home by 3am.

I’d had a really great evening with good food, good blogging company and one great date! And although this is cheesy, I may not have won the award but being able to come home with Jen and to my beautiful boy, I was definitely the biggest winner of the night!

I’d like to say a special thank you to Lauren from Jaques Vert Group for sending us Jen’s beautiful dress for the evening. Jen could wear a black bin liner and still look stunning, but having this gorgeous dress to frame her, really made the evening even more special. The dress is from Kaliko, who have such a gorgeous range of designs. It was a hard choice but I think she looked incredible and it definitely made me want to go out and get dressed up together more often. Already looking forward to the next time.

Thanks to One Dad 3 Girls (Darren) for taking this gorgeous photo of the dress in all it’s glory!

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If you wanna see all the winners, check out the MAD Blog Awards winners page here

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