Date Night : Last Chance Saloon

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I ate like a king. I watched whatever I liked. I stayed up till the early hours. I went swimming when I wanted. I drank a lot of beer. I enjoyed having an adult conversation about things other than babies. I woke up at 10am. I watched day time tv. I played games on my phone. I used aftershave after I shaved. I spent a brilliantly satisfying amount of time on the loo. 

The wife washed and straightened her hair. She wore a nice dress for dinner. She had an hour long bath. She slept in till 10am. She watched what I wanted. She went to bed a bit before me but still stayed up late. She watched me drink a lot of beer and had a sip. She had the other half of the adult conversations with me. She played scrabble on her phone. She did her make up. 

We kissed. We cuddled. We talked. We went on a date. We went swimming together. We went out for dinner. We strolled around town. We enjoyed each other and each other’s company. We laughed. We complimented one another and we slept! 

And according to a recent unofficial survey in my work place, it’ll be the last time we will do these things for, approximately, 5 years and 11 months. 

This weekend was our last chance to be just a couple, on our own to enjoy each other. We planned it in and I am so thankful we did. Time is precious and time with the one you love is even more precious…especially when a tiny person is en route to refocus that precious time. 

In a few weeks our world will be turned inside out and we will look back on this weekend with favour, joy and envy. My advice is this: 

Spend every second you can enjoying each other’s company before your baby arrives. I’m sure others will agree. 

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