Day of the Dad : The Fathers Day Event

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Don't miss a thing

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  1. Richie

    Too bad I am all the way across the pond. Looks like a fantastic event! Have fun!

    • Al Ferguson

      Just swim! Won’t take too long! You’re more than welcome and I’ll even bring a towel for you!

    • Al Ferguson

      Thank you John, please spread the word :)

  2. Mike Smith | Sunshine Dad

    Since you’re hosting this event on a boat I say just navigate that thing on across the Atlantic and come pick me up! Sounds like a wonderful night to relax and have some laughs!

  3. Mama, My Kid Doesn't Poop Rainbows

    Sounds like a good idea. Over here Father’s Day is the same day as the King’s birthday and a massive fuss is made. Good luck trying to find an empty restaurant for lunch!


  4. Lisa (mummascribbles)

    What a fab idea, hope it’s a roaring success (I’m sure it will be!). I have no idea what other half will be doing – I like to arrange stuff for him, his dad likes him to go down the pub and it’s also our niece’s birthday! #bigfatlinky

  5. Sarah Howe

    This sounds like a great idea! Be Lovely for all the dads to get together and have a social. No clue what my hubby will be doing. Got to think of something to get for him yet :-) xx good luck and hope you get a good turnout x

  6. Kaye

    Such a fab idea! Hope you all have a fantastic day. #bigfatlinky

  7. Anthony Turner

    This looks like a great event! I would love to be there but ubfortantley I am already away that weekend.

    Wishing all dads a fantastic and well-deserved day of celebration!


  8. Dawn of the Dad

    Great idea! As soon as I finish changing this sh*tty nappy, I’ll take a nose in my diary.!


  9. Lewis AKA Dadwhoblogs

    Dagnammit! Another great event I wont be able to make. I’ve missed out on so many events this year…and some great goodie bags too! These pesky kids spoil all my fun! lol
    Good luck with the event gentlemen.

  10. Dan @DBTH

    Cheers AL got the invite, I am a “maybe” at the mo- really want to but need to make sure I have enough “Dad points” to pay for the hangover.

  11. Sophie @ Mum, M & More

    What a great idea and i’m intrigued to know what would be in a dads goody bag..I expect a blog post of ‘whats in my bag!’ ;-)

  12. Kerri-Ann

    I’m so pleased to see this event in your schedule. I attended a blogging event last week and despite it being about blogging there were some speakers that clearly were talking to a female audience. Tis a shame really as for me dads aren’t always made to feel welcome. Good luck with the event. Looking forward to the pictures. Perhaps of pints rather than tea & cake? #bigfatlinky

  13. RC @ Going Dad

    Sounds like fun to me! If I was in the UK, I’d make the effort, but it would be a little hard trying to get there from Texas! #bigfatlinky

  14. Eimear

    Great idea, I’m across the water but will tweet about it regardless, great idea!

    • Al Ferguson

      Thank you, I would really appreciate your support. #everydad

  15. Papa Tont

    A great idea, sorry that I won’t be able to make it this time around.

  16. Elizabeth (Wander Mum)

    What a great idea! You dads have a great time. Will see if my other half can make it. Look forward to hearing all about it #bigfatlinky

  17. Graeme @ BikerDad

    Got my ticket. Looking forward to a great day on the Thames. Been a while since I’ve been in London for anything now.

    • Al Ferguson

      Thanks so much for your support. Please spread the word. Looking forward to meeting you :)

  18. Domesticated Momster

    If I was a dad I would so want to be a part of this. What a great idea and I am sure you will have a great turn out! I am popping over from Magic Moments :D

    • Al Ferguson

      Let’s hope so – fingers crossed :)

  19. Michelle Reeves (bodfortea)

    SO love the idea of this day – wish we lived in London so the husband could come along :( but well done you guys for hosting something just for Dads – there is so much for Mums out there after all and why shouldn’t you get together to celebrate too? Hear hear I say! #thebigfatlinky

    • Al Ferguson

      Thank you for your support Michelle. :)

      • Michelle Reeves (bodfortea)

        Hey you’re welcome and thanks for linking this up at #sharethejoy this week x

  20. Jade (Raising the Rings)

    Oh I’d love something like this but my OH just wouldn’t go I don’t think, such a shame because I’d love to be in the house for a day without him haha. Maybe if it was closer I could’ve maybe persuaded him. I hope it all goes well for you Al, it’s a great thing you’re doing #bigfatlinky x

    • Al Ferguson

      That is such a shame. Ah thank you – I try! Seems the mums are more into it than the dads though!

  21. Ky

    I think this is a great idea, it’s a shame we are busy other wise I would have got my partner a ticket for it. #bigfatlinky

  22. El and Baby A

    What a great idea! Pity we live so far away otherwise I may have went undercover in some ‘dad’ clothes ;) Hope you have a brilliant day!

    • Al Ferguson

      Thank you! We’d love your help to promote it and spread the word!

  23. Ashley

    Count me in be good to meet & greet instead of dealing with poo & pee!

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