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Days Out – A poem by Fatherly Poetic

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By Fatherly Poetic

Father, Husband, Man, Boy, Poet - in that order. A Father of 3 young children; Fatherly Poetic writes mostly about what it is to be a dad, to be a husband, to be a man - from his perspective anyway.

Published on 09/02/2018

So Friday is upon us! Which means the weekend is here…
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which in turn means, time with the family and a couple of days of exploring, adventures and fun days out.

Unless of course…

Oh what a day we had!
The sun shines while birds sing;
We played, we ran,
We made a plan
To come back again in spring.

Oh what a fun day out!
The sun shines with gentle breeze;
We talk, we smile,
We walk a mile
Until “Carry me daddy, please!”

Oh what a day we had!
The sun shines in a sky so blue;
We sit, we explore,
We picnic galore
Until “Daddy I need the loo!”

Oh what a fun day out!
The sun shines and the river reflects;
You sob, you kick,
You lob a stick
And with my forehead it connects.

Oh what a day we had!
The sun sets on my bleeding brow;
We laugh, we sing,
We’ll come back in spring
But it’s time we should be leaving now.

So get out there this weekend, enjoy the time with your family and watch out for flying objects.

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