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Deadly Terms Generally Used By Woman

Every bloke knows the feeling! You know that you have said something wrong to your partner, but you don’t know what you have said. Here are a round up of 10 deadly terms, and what they really mean!

1. “Fine”

This one is usually used in an argument, and means two things. The first being that she is right, and you are not. The second meaning is that the argument is now at an end, and you need to shut up ASAP!

2. “Whatever”

A woman’s way of saying ‘f*** you’

3. “Go Ahead”

You might think this is permission from her, it is not. Whatever you are doing, DON’T DO IT! This is a dare telling you not to do it!

4. I’m Ok

She is not okay at all and you definitely have something to do about it!

5. That’s ok

This is comepletly different to “I’m ok” because this is a different kettle of fish! She is mulling over how much she is going to make you pay for whatever wrong you have done to her. Make sure that you apologise to her quickly, calming everything down!

6. Five more minutes

If she says ‘five more minutes’ add 30 more onto the time!

7. Nothing

This is one of the more dangerous of the deadly phrases! If she says this to you, you have done something wrong and running away might be a viable option! Think about what you might have done to upset her, and quickly diffuse the situation before you end up with a massive argument ranging about something usually quite minor.

8. Thanks A LOT!

If you say ‘you are welcome’ in response to this, you are spoiling for a fight! It is obvious she is being sarcastic and it’s like putting water on a chip pan fire!

9. Don’t worry, I got it

This phrase comes up when your partner has repeatedly told you to do something, and you haven’t till the last minute! When she finally starts working on that task, jump up immediatley and get to it!

10. Wow

This is not a compliment. This is an insult and she is amazed that someone could be that stupid.

Disclaimer… this post is a humorous, tongue in cheek, light hearted approach to the english language and women… 😂 although truth may be found, it certainly isn’t true for all :)

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