Dear Nursery School teacher…

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To Teddy’s wonderful teachers,

Thank you. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. There are no words to tell you how much we appreciate you and all that you have done for Teddy, and for us.

As you well know, we are two of  ‘those parents’ and we thank you for not judging us, for choosing to laugh with us rather than at us, and for helping us with the transition as much as you helped Teddy.

Five years ago, we lost our first baby on our wedding day. Our hearts broke.

Almost exactly one year later we were blessed with Teddy. A day that transformed our lives forever. From the moment we held him, we knew how incredibly lucky we were to be his parents. Our experience of loss meant that we knew to cherish every single moment with him and never take a day for granted.

Since that day, we have lost five more babies. Each loss brings a new heartache but it also continually reminds us of how fortunate we are to have Teddy. It doesn’t make us love him anymore, that would be impossible, but it does make us feel like the luckiest people on this earth to be his parents. Losing six babies has meant that we have built some pretty high walls up around us. Walls that others can’t climb. We’ve done everything we could to wrap ourselves in a bubble. And to keep everyone out! We’ve tried to focus on what we do have, rather than on what we don’t. We’ve tried to spend every single second of every single day with Teddy because we haven’t wanted to miss a single moment with him.

Until the day Teddy joined Little Cottage at two and a half years old, we had never left him with anyone other than his grandparents. He had never been in a crèche, or even with a babysitter whilst he slept.

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He had never spent time with any of either of our families without us by his side. We’ve spent two and a half years as an inseparable team.

The thought of letting anyone else into his life was a hard one. We needed to be with him as much as he needed to be with us.
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Probably more. And with each loss, we held on to him a little tighter.

Deep down we knew that Teddy needed to spend time with other people. We knew we needed to loosen the strings, knock down the walls a little and let others into his life. We knew Ted’s life would be richer by allowing others into it.

But we knew they had to be the right people. People that would understand. People that would take care of him as if he was their own.

We needed a home from home. And we found it at Little Cottage.

You have become an extension of our family. Teddy adores you. And so do we. We feel nothing but complete and utter trust and we know that when Teddy is with you, he is in the best possible care.

7 hours a week may not seem like a lot, but to us, it feels like an eternity. Every single session that he is with you, it gets not even half way through and we start saying how much we miss him. But over the past 6 months we have slowly learned to stop looking at the clock, to stop counting down the minutes until pick up and to see our time apart as a positive, for us all.
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You have opened Teddy’s eyes to the wider world around him. You have made him feel safe and secure and feel at complete ease, with adults that aren’t his Mummy and Daddy. You have taught Teddy new things and given him new and exciting experiences. You have opened up his world.

And you have taught us to let go, and know that letting go is ok. That he is safe and that he can be happy without us there.

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You have taught us to take a step back, to let him grow.

We know how very hard you work to make Little Cottage the incredible nursery that it is. We want you to know how appreciated you are. You go above and beyond for the children in your care and we want you to know how much that means to us. When we hand Teddy over, from our arms into yours, we know that he is in the best possible hands. We could not wish for kinder, lovelier people to take care of our precious boy.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Jen and Al x

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  1. Kathy

    We felt the same and our little boy is at Big Cottage. They are wonderful people and although I must admit I still watch the clock and miss my best friend, there’s never any doubt in my mind how well they are caring for him. X

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