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How To Help A Bullied Child

How To Help A Bullied Child

For parents, the specter of bullying looms as a persistent concern. Amidst the veil of secrecy shrouding our...


  1. ceri

    Great post. I don’t have a dad blogger in the house but a first time dad to be, i’ll be sending him in your direction later. Great post

  2. Mike Smith

    I knew more that I thought I would! I didn’t know about YouTube, I’ll have to check that out. I’m really thankful for all your hard work on the Dad Network, it has been a great way to connect with other dads & bloggers! Thanks man!

  3. casey grice

    A few things I didn’t know there. Good idea for a post. It’s all about awareness. It’s a shame you’re unable to post about sex, drugs and rock n roll… we’re all dying to know. Haha. Now get some sleep and stop working on your silly blog…oh wait, it’s 1:20 a.m. over here… I should heed my own advice.

  4. Sarah Howe

    Interesting to know what is out there for dads. It’s such s great idea as a lot of time all focused on mums! Need to show my hubby this a bit more! Love the instagram account btw! Sarah xx #bigfatlinky

  5. John Adams

    Thanks for this post Al. You’ve made me aware of a few elements of the network I didn’t know about. I will be signing up! #BigFatLinky

  6. Kaye

    I did not know that you were a full-time teacher, that’s impressive! I struggle with blogging doing only part-time. I also didn’t know there were 7 of you!

  7. Ali @ Mum in a nutshell

    Just joined your new Facebook group, I’m utterly shocked you have to keep up with blogging a teach full time. (I want some of what your having!) keep up the great work.

  8. Something Crunchy Mummy

    Great post. I didn’t know a lot of these so now I do :-) I love the fathers day event as all dads need recognition too. My hubby is amazing and I am lucky to have him as my boys dad :-)

  9. A Cornish Mum

    Your new facebook group has been helpful for me already, especially thats to Ricky and his technical tips on there, so thank you! Feel free to link this up to my ten things linky that’s now live if you fancy ;)
    I’ve just subscribed to you youtube, I haven’t started vlogs yet, still trying to get brave enough ;)
    Stevie :)

  10. Morna

    Thanks for this post. I was feeling sad that my lack of a Y chromosome would stop me from joining the dad’s group so I’m really excited about joining your new group :)

    It’s nice to read that somebody else is working full time and blogging as well. I’m definitely a bit sleep deprived since starting blogging!

    Thanks for hosting the linky- I love it!

  11. Laura

    I didn’t know you had so many contributors!…thanks for setting up the parent blogger group too, it’s great to see new blogs and posts in one place :)

  12. Dawn of the Dad

    Wow! I was aware of how great TheDadsNet was but I didn’t know all the components. How you all find the time is beyond me. Keep up the good work dads!

  13. Lisa (mummascribbles)

    I didn’t know you did all of this! I’m almost sad that I’m not a dad as there’s so much going on here! What you’ve created is fantastic – you should be very proud of yourselves :) #bigfatlinky

    • Al Ferguson

      You’re very welcome! :)

  14. Suzy Walker-Toye

    Great post, I should totally get my husband to hook up with your fb group.

    • Al Ferguson

      Yeah, send him our way!

  15. El and Baby A

    Damn responsibilities holding you back Al haha.. Just requested to join the parenting Facebook group which I was totally unaware of! Not gonna lie TheDadsNet kind of makes me wanna be a dad – great thing you have set up :)

    • Al Ferguson

      You could be an honorary dad!

    • Al Ferguson

      Bzzzzzzzzzzzz! Then turns into zzzzzzzzz’s!

  16. Tiffany

    Great post now I know all of the places I can stalk. ….I mean follow you guys. Just kidding but I’ll definitely be joining your Facebook parents group :)

    • Al Ferguson

      Yeah, come and join us! :)

  17. Catriona Stephen

    So many things to be proud of, well done! I’ve been following you on Instagram for quite a while, I love seeing your uploads. It’s great that you have a Facebook group for Dad’s, I’m in a few mum ones, I love going on them, and can always rely on someone having answers to any questions I have, or just for someone to talk to!

    • Al Ferguson

      Thanks so much for your comment. The groups is amazing. The dads are all great.

  18. Mike Barnard

    How did i miss out on the youtube channel!?!?
    This truly is a great community of dads loaded with great info for dads whether you blog or not!!

    • Al Ferguson

      Have you subscribed? Come and see our new Vlog. We’re publishing again shortly!

    • Al Ferguson

      So knackered! But it’s worth it and I enjoy it.

    • Al Ferguson

      Yeah, they’re more regular bloggers than guest. (Although some are more regular than others.)

  19. amherbert

    Didn’t know about Instagram. Looks like I’ll have to join. How do you fit it all in. I’m a full time carer to Autistic stepson and don’t find time to blog. Never mind teaching, blogging, tweeting and instagramming..

    • Al Ferguson

      I don’t know how I fit it all in to be honest. Come and join us on Instagram too.

  20. carla

    oooo I didn’t know you were on instagram; I’ll have to find you now!
    Thank you for a fab ‘fat’ link up again

    • Al Ferguson

      Yeah, come and find us!

  21. Joanna @mumbalance

    It looks like you are keeping yourself very busy! Congratulations on growing such a successful ‘organisation’!!

  22. Elizabeth (Wander Mum)

    I didn’t know any of that. Thanks for sharing. I’m pleased to have found it and will go search you out now on social media. #bigfatlinky

  23. International Elf Service

    I think this all sounds just brilliant and I’m so impressed you’re cramming so much into your days. Mind you, they do say that if you want something done then ask a busy person don’t they??

    I’m personally loving having easy access to posts written by blokes – life is a bit of everyone isn’t it and you can definitely have too many women in one place ;)

  24. christina

    Did you know…that you are amazing? I love your Twitter, blog, FB parents group but I didn’t know you did all those other things. And on top of those you are a teacher? #Superman status!!

  25. Jim Flowers

    Great piece Al,

    I reckon I’ve got a lot of “dads banter” waiting for me when we meet up at some point ;-)


  26. Penny Pincher (Dawn)

    I found the “Did You Know” post at last! You do so much I really don’t know how you fit it all in. Great site, I’m still mooching around it. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

  27. Jade Wilson

    Great post, Al! It must be such a relief when dads come across your network and groups and to be able to have groups like us mummies do too. The support you have between you must be second to none. I’ll have to get my other half involved.. if he doesn’t fob you off again haha. Jade #bigfatlinky

  28. Hannah Mums' Days

    7 writers? Full-time jobs? High fives and respect man! you guys are super busy and I hope your father’s day event goes really well – sounds awesome!

    Thanks for linking up to #Thelist x (it would be awesome ifyou could add the badge!)

  29. Jeff Page (aka Hectic Dad)

    As if I didn’t have enough other content to consume, I’ve now added 10, yes 10, new items to investigate! You guys are doing some seriously great work and it’s great to be a teeny, tiny part of it.

    Thanks for all you do. Still dipping my toe in the linky, but hoping to be ankle deep in other aspects of the network soon!

    Make it a great day!

  30. Alannah

    A good read! I love your instagram account – Ted is just too cute.
    I must have watched your interview with jo tantum about 100 times!

  31. Steph

    Great list of ‘Did You Know’s’ and I will hang my head in hame to say – ‘No I didn’t’ for rather a few of those little facts. I think its fab to have such an array of possibilities for just dads, and for the rest of us!! Brilliant job. Will make sure I join in!! Thanks for linking up with #SundayStars Steph xxx

  32. Katie @mummydaddyme

    Wow I hadn’t heard of the Dad network before- it sounds like you are a very busy bunch indeed. I keep telling my husband to start a blog, he features on mine enough! Thanks for linking up to the Ordinary Moments.

    • Al Ferguson

      No problem – it’s good to find more linkys! Yeah, send your husband over to join our FB group. :) Tell him it’s a place he can moan! (In private!)

  33. Adrian

    Well – I did know a couple of these but I’ve learnt about a few more! Thanks for the run down.

  34. Everything Mummy

    I have to admit no I didn’t know half of that have joint your parent blogger group now! thas for sharing #sundaystars

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