Ditching The Beard? Top Tips + Movember Donation + Win Exclusive Tee

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Beards cover a multitude of sins including rough or dry looking skin, so men deciding to ditch the beard are understandably nervous. In fact, a survey conducted by Sudocrem, the skincare experts better known for treating nappy rash than fuzzy faces, found that 52% of men said they worried about shaving off their beards because they thought their skin might suffer and using a razor, even with gentle shaving balm would result in a shaving rash far removed from as ’smooth as a baby’s bottom”. And, 1 in 3 men were afraid that their partner wouldn’t like their beard-free look. 

So, what’s the solution for men who have grown tired of being hairy or those who want to lose their designer stubble? 

Barber Ross Charles, shares his top tips. 

  1. Before shaving you must cleanse your skin, this will not only prepare your skin but it will also stimulate blood flow. Using a hot flannel on your skin before shaving is a great way to open your pores and prepare your skin.
  2. It is important to create a lubricated base to work with, using a shave cream or gel will soften the beard hair and create a smooth base for your shave.
  3. Post shave, it is imperative to soothe your skin and inject some moisture back into your skin. Immediately after shaving apply a cool flannel – preferably one that has been in the fridge to ensure it is nice and cold. This will close your pores and prepare skin for a post-shave balm or cream to reduce any irritation and redness – this step must not be missed.
  4. The actual time you spend shaving is a minor part of this process, 70% of the time is focusing on the preparation and finish.

We asked 5 dads from The Dadsnet to ditch their beards and leave just their mustache, in support of the Movember Foundation. We also asked the dads to test out the new Sudocrem Skincare Recovery Cream as well. The cream soothes and restores the skin helping with breakouts, flare-ups, redness and occasional spots. Simply apply the cream before bed, and let the formula work overnight, so you can wake up and go.

Job done.

This article has been supported by Sudocrem but all the profit is being donated to the Movember Foundation. 

Lastly, we’re giving away some exclusive ‘Brave to be Bare’ tee’s – just like the ones the guys in our video are wearing. If you’d like one of these exclusive and truly unique tee’s, all you have to do is share a photo on your social media of you having a shave or trim. Make sure you use the hashtag #bravetobebare 

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