Do Women Exaggerate Labour?

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There are so many unanswerable, age old questions that haunt us in life. Chicken or the egg? Why don’t tree’s grow upside down? How Peter Crouch managed to bag Abbie Clancy? What really happened to Michael Jackson? Why doesn’t glue stick to the inside of the bottle? If God sneezes, what do you say? Can you daydream at night? Why do they sterilise lethal injections? What was captain Hook’s name before he got his hook? Just how fast do hotcakes actually sell? Why do dogs get irritated when you blow in their face but stick their heads out the window when you’re driving? But with regards  to men, women and pregnancy there’s really only 1 question: What’s worse? Being kicked in the nuts or giving birth? 

These 2 ‘lucky dads’ from America went to see a doctor who strapped them up to what looks like an over powered Tenns machine. In actual fact is was labour simulation. The machine pushed an electric current through their abdomen to simulate and mimic the various stages of labour and the relevant strengths of contractions. I’m amazed to see them squirming on the bed in agony and it’s clear that they come away with a new found respect for mums. Their initial thoughts that women exaggerate labour pains quickly dissipated into thin air, much to their partners delight. In a way, it’s nice to have the opportunity for men to put on the ‘women’s shoes’ and experience what they have to. 

This video raises 3 really important points for me: 

1 These dads have really taken one for team here. I feel empowered to use this video as ammunition representing all dadkind in the battle of man vs pregnant women. 

2 Is it just me or as you’re watching this are you thinking that these guys are just soft and you’ll cope much better than that? I reckon my pain threshold is pretty high; I stubbed my toe the other day and was out of action for 4 hours, plus 3 days of complaining. Pretty good going eh? 

3 I have a genuine fear that I will find it truly awful watching the women I adore more than anything else in the world go through that kind of pain. A guy from our NCT group mentioned something along these lines and it has played on my mind. In the video the wives find it rather amusing, and I can understand that but when it’s real and your partner is really suffering, what do you do? You’re totally powerless and that feeling, for a man, is one of the worst. In fact, it’s arguably better to experience the pain rather than have to deal with that feeling of inadequacy and helplessness. 

This video is a must watch for ALL dads. Enjoy it and share it with your dad buddies. 

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  1. Paul Wandason

    I don’t doubt that it hurts! My wife who’s normally very brave was squealing in agony at the time, and giving a hand a mighty good squeeze…and with my wedding ring on that really hurt (but I wasn’t allowed to say so!)

    Anyway. Putting on my scientist hat (or at least, safety goggles) I’m suspicious of this labour simulator – it needs to be set up and calibrated to deliver pain to certain levels, and this requires knowledge beforehand…which is precisely what this experiment is all about. All very self circular and pre-determined.

    Sounds more like a publicity stunt to me…though I don’t think that child birth needs any of that!

    • Al TheDadNetwork

      Hey Paul,

      How’s it going? Thanks for your comment! I think I agree… pain is quite a subjective thing so hard to recreate accurately. (That coming from someone who is definitely NOT a scientist!)

      Hope you’re well


  2. Anonymous

    everything has a logical answer, except Peter & Abbey…….

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