Do You Remember When… #mothersday

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Dear Mummy,

Do you remember when…

    • I was born and the midwife laid me gently on your chest. Your face was sheer amazement, elation, shock and I could see you were filled with love for me instantly?


    • You laid me on my play mat for the first time and it swallowed me up?


    • We spent hours out in the garden, you relaxing and recovering and me in my baby box all wrapped up, cosy, in a swaddle?


    • We went out for the first time! Daddy took us to the Pantiles for a nice morning coffee?


    • I poo’d on daddy in that photo shoot and the world went all crazy for it?


    • I used to make those cute snuffly baby noises?

    • I had hiccups… like… all the time?

    • Daddy took you on a date and left me for the first time with Grandma? It was only for 2 hours but felt like an age.


    • You took me to all those baby classes? I had such fun playing with you and making friends.


    • I went swimming for the first time?

  • You took me to London for the first time?

  • I had my first Christmas?

  • All these times I kept you up at night? I am sorry but look at me now?!

  • When we danced to Nicki Minaj?

  • You let all those people come into our house to film me and daddy?IMG_3082

  • You gave me solid food for the first time?IMG_3143

  • That penguin swam right past my head?IMG_3849

  • We had so much fun just playing together, all day long. Just you, and me.IMG_9233

  • I sat in the front garden and played with a huge bowl of spaghetti?IMG_4728

  • You took me to the farm to see all the animals?IMG_4756

  • We went on our first family holiday to the Isle of Wight?

  • You taught me to walk and I took my first steps?IMG_6459

  • We had SOOO much fun in that corn field on holiday? We spent so long playing, Daddy had to come and find us in the car!

  • I had a wonderful 1st birthday party in the park? All my friends came and it was a lot of fun.IMG_7230

  • We bounce on the bed and I laugh so hard I get out of breath?

  • I got a hole in one in crazy golf? You’re still the best though?IMG_7312

  • Daddy took me for a walk and was so excited because he saw an Otter. He said he was excited because I’d seen it but actually, I didn’t know what he was on about.


    (Spot the otter…)

  • I was sitting on your lap and held that rabbit?IMG_7850

  • It rained at Legoland?IMG_8228

  • You cuddle me?

  • You bought me 1000 ping pong balls for £5 and then threw them all over the floor in the kitchen? That was so much fun.IMG_8794

  • I sing at night time when you put me down?IMG_9600

  • We went to Brighton and we played in that amazing sand pit and then I stole some grapes from an old lady. You laughed.

  • Daddy saved me from getting soaking wet from the waves at Hastings?IMG_9233 (1)

  • You massage my feet before bed?

  • You read to me every night during advent?

  • We played with yoghurt?IMG_6392

  • I drew all over your bed with your favourite lipstick?IMG_7226

  • We played my tent for hours?IMG_2545

The thing is mummy, although I’m only young, I remember all of this and more. In fact, I remember everything. Every moment I’m with you is a treasure that I keep in my heart and will do for all my days. Daddy will say that you’re both lucky to have me, but in actual fact, it’s me who’s the lucky one. With a mummy like you, I know I’m in good hands. The perfect hands.

Today is #Mothersday and I want you to know that I love you. More than you will ever know.

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