Does Baby Brain Really Exist?

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For undisputable, current and perfect examples see the list below. 
#1 Knowing the difference between the dish washer and washing machine is relatively simple, even for dads. However the wife managed to put the detergent tablet in the dish washer. She then ‘enjoyed’ the Ibiza foam party! 
#2 I went upstairs one day to find the bath all but overflowing. When I asked her, she didn’t even remember she had wanted a bath. Which is unusual because she always wants a bath! 
#3 A few weeks ago we had to stay in for Tesco delivery. We couldn’t go out, despite the nice weather. We waited. The allotted time came and passed and we were seconds away from complaining when I opened the laptop only to find that she hadn’t actually placed the order! 
#4 The wife walked home from work one day only to realise that she had driven to work that day. Guess who had to go and get the car? 
#5 Credit where credits due, the wife cooks delicious dinner for me most nights, but one night it was taking longer than usual. I asked when dinner was. She replied. I did some more waiting. Then I went into the kitchen to check for myself…all the food was still on the counter and not in the oven! She’s a good cook, but not that good! 
It is widely disputed by experts, who put it down to being a myth, but new research coming out says that baby brain could be possible. They are saying that you should underestimate the power of hormones during pregnancy. I say, you shouldn’t underestimate the power of women’s hormones during life! 
Anyway, here’s my advice for dads. 
Hold your ground: you haven’t lost the keys, she has. You haven’t forgotten to order the food shop, she has. Just remember, you haven’t got baby brain : she has! 

Don't miss a thing

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