Does pink stink? Finding other colourful clothes for a daughter

Is pink a good or bad colour for girls?

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You don’t really need the signs above the boys’ and girls’ clothing sections in most shops. It hits you as soon as you come within half a mile, the overwhelming, intense, sickly-sweet ooze of… pink.

(My daughter looks great in pink, by the way. She looks great in any colour. In a paper bag, she’d still be the cutest kid in the world.

Of course, that goes without saying. But why can’t we have any other choices?
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I don’t have anything against pink as a colour, it’s just that…well, it’s everywhere. Any dad with a daughter must have seen it. And sometimes it divides things into “boys’ toys” or “girls’ toys” when there doesn’t really seem to be a need.

Why do boys get the colourful toys while girls get the same thing, just in bright pink? While we’re at it, why do boys and girls need different clothes sections at all, especially up to school age? It’s not as if boys are triangles and girls are circles.

Over at ‘Pink Stinks,’ there’s a weariness about not only colours, but what roles children are meant to take on through play.

I once met a language expert who told me something fascinating. She said that while most boys know the colour names of “purple” and “yellow” or “purple” and “blue” by 18 months old, most girls know “purple” and “pink”.
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There really is a difference. And it got me thinking… what other differences are we creating, without really knowing about it?

Maybe the colour is just the symptom, rather than the cause. But if it is, what can we do about it?
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I daresay shops don’t make half the aisles pink because of some deep message; they do it because that’s what sells. If so, whose fault is it that we pick up bright pink things for girls and things in LITERALLY EVERY OTHER COLOUR for boys? I suppose it comes down to us, as parents. If we start changing how we buy things, it might make a difference.

What do you think? Do you get fed up with pink being on everything for girls? Or is it something completely harmless? Maybe you think boys and girls should have separate colours, and live different kinds of lives. Do you know any stores or ranges that provide different colours for girls?
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Let us know in the comments. 

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