DWP Initiates Crack Down Against Parents (dads) Not Paying Child Maintenance

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The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is intensifying its efforts against parents who deliberately avoid paying child maintenance, (despite circumstances) aiming to ensure that children receive the financial support they’re entitled to.

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Child maintenance payments are essential for many single parents, ensuring that they can provide for their children’s needs. Unfortunately, there are instances where some parents neglect their responsibilities, leaving the other parent to bear the financial burden alone.

The New Initiative:

DWP’s new measures are designed to target and penalise parents who “wilfully refuse” to meet their child maintenance obligations. The proposed sanctions include:

  • Deductions from earnings and bank accounts of the defaulting parents.
  • The possibility of disqualification from holding or obtaining a driving licence.
  • Potential restrictions on foreign travel.


The goal is to encourage parents to take their financial responsibilities seriously. The DWP emphasises that children’s well-being is paramount and that every child deserves financial support from both parents, regardless of their relationship status.

A Broader Picture:

This move by the DWP is a part of a larger effort to reform the child maintenance system, ensuring it is fairer and more effective for all parties involved. It focuses on providing children with the stability and support they need.

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While many parents diligently meet their child maintenance obligations, the DWP’s new initiative aims to address those who shirk this responsibility. Through stricter enforcement measures, the department hopes to create an environment where children consistently receive the financial support they’re entitled to from both parents.

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