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Early Morning Brew – A poem by Fatherly Poetic

With Valentines Day on the horizon, love and affairs of the heart are definitely front and centre in most peoples minds at the moment.

But February 14th is one little day, just 24 little hours. When you become a parent it’s all too easy to put your relationship with your other half on the back burner, put it to one side – it’ll keep. Or will it?

The grand and imaginative gestures of Valentines Day are great but it’s those little things on the other 364 days of the year that make up true love. Don’t forget that, or each other –

To my wife,

You think we’ve forgotten us;
That we don’t even have time to hug.
Sometimes I can’t get a handle on it,
Sometimes I take you for a mug.
Sometimes you drive me to boiling point,
Sometimes out our emotions pour.
Sometimes we reach the bottom of the bag,
Sometimes we’re just left wanting more.
Sometimes we might feel stir crazy,
Sometimes I’m the cat that got the cream.
Sometimes you’re as sweet as sugar,
One spoonful, any more is just obscene.
Don’t for one second think I forgot us,
Don’t think I’ll ever stop loving you;
My love will always be right there,
Served hot, in that early morning brew.


Early Morning Brew - A poem by Fatherly Poetic, cup 2315565 640%, love-and-relationships%

About Fatherly Poetic

Early Morning Brew - A poem by Fatherly Poetic, 9d8754aa28655b44eae6b10c92db3df1?s=90&r=g%, love-and-relationships%
Father, Husband, Man, Boy, Poet - in that order.
A Father of 3 young children; Fatherly Poetic writes mostly about what it is to be a dad, to be a husband, to be a man - from his perspective anyway.

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