Easter Special: Gadgets for under £25

gadgets for under £25

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As its Easter, I thought I’d do an Easter special and hopefully give you some inspiration for a little alternative Easter gift. Buying me a chocolate egg is going to do me no favours in the weight department and chances are it won’t even last until Easter as Mrs F will probably get hungry during some trashy TV and nail it. So in order for me to get something I’d like and hopefully others too, I’ve decided to look at some of my favourite gadgets all coming in at under £25 each. (I did try £20 but things have gone up since I was given free reign on spending… pre children)


I am regularly doing the rounds on the “gadget-like” website shops and often draw up a wish list, I say “wish”, as if I did order all the things I like the idea of having, I would be a) broke and b) most likely divorced and homeless. So wish lists often come and go as new things take me fancy. Below are just some of the gadgets for under £25 which are interesting me at the moment


Gadgets for under £25

Bike SpokeLit £7.99 (FireBox.com)

We all remember putting lollypop sticks into our bike wheels as a kid or the kellogg reflectors you used to get as a free gift in your box of cereal, well the Bike SpokeLit reminds me of this as its a reflector but modernised to include an LED light which you can set to either flash or stay constantly on. Perfect for those who like me, have a bike sitting collecting dust in the shed, need to lose the pounds and also keep using the same excuse “I’ll wait until the nights get lighter”. A clever piece of modern/nostalgic tech for your bike.


Gadgets for Under £25

Power Tap £19.95 (Prezzybox.com)

Make your man cave (if your lucky enough to have one) or simply your bedside plug socket that little bit cooler looking thanks to the Power Tap. Compatible with any phones which use a USB cable, this tap shaped charger even glows red to blue when charges. There’ll be no mistaking whose this cool charger belongs to in your household.


Gadgets for Under £25

LED Fan Clock £12.95 (Red5.co.uk)

With Spring now on us, I’m constantly on at Mrs F to at least turn down the heating as our house becomes a similar climate to an African country however alas you reminds me of the need to ensure our little monsters remain warm and wins everytime. With this LED fan (which also doubles up as a handy clock, it can plus straight into any USB port and provide you with instant cool breeze whilst counting down the hours until wine o’cock. No more working from home in my underpants needed (apologies for the unnecessary vision there).


Gadgets for Under £25

Mocoro Robot Cleaning Ball £24.99 (Firebox.com)

This fancy little pink shaped ball of fluff my look a little “pink and harmless” however its actually a clever robotic dusting device for your wooden and tiled floor surfaces. Covered in microfibre it attracts both dust and dirt and will roll about in 15 minute spells (until you kick it and disturb it for another 15 minutes) changing direction whenever it hits obstacles. Firebox are also quick to point out it also doubles up as a great toy for cats should you have them so a winner all round. Multi-tasking is a thing of the past with this.


Gadgets for Under £25

Super Magnetic Thinking Putty £13.99 (Firebox.com)

This has to be my favourite of them all. For me, there’s always been something fascinating about thinking putty, since when I was younger, the ability to manipulate plasticine and nowadays putty into dodgy *cough* or creative objectives brings out the boy in me. The magnetic thinking putty takes it to a new level and my mind is always racing thinking about all the funny things I could do with this. If you want to keep your other half happy for hours on end then this is the Easter gift for you. It comes in four different colours, is odourless  and doesn’t stain. Trust me, hours of fun with this one. :-)

So there you have it, five simple alternative ideas for Easter gifts for the gadget minded all under £25.

Until next time, enjoy your Easter

Jim (OneDadOneBlog)


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    • Al Ferguson

      Buy it yourself! Go on… it’s easter!

  1. Penny Pincher (Dawn)

    Mocoro Robot Cleaning Ball – I want this!

  2. Hannah Mums' Days

    OK I need one of those cleaning balls!!! Do they do a decluttering version too?! Great list of gadgets! Thanks for linking up to #TheList

    • Jim Flowers

      I reckon everyone should have one of these Cleaning balls Hannah. :-)

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting

  3. Milda

    Just set this microfiber furball on the floor, hardwood floors work best, and it automatically rolls around cleaning up your disgustingly dusty home for up to 3 hours. No bags need to be replaced or canisters need to be emptied, just use the special brush that’s included to clean or just remove the mop and wash. I don’t even care if it cleans anything, the cat will love it.

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