Mother's Day Gift ideas

Easy and Simple Mother’s Day Gift Ideas That Won’t Let You Down!

Here at The Dad Network, we know that dads like things to be easy. If there’s an easy route, we’ll take it, if there’s a corner to be cut, we’ll hack it off and if there’s an easy option, we’ll be all over it.

And so it’s this very reason that we have created a place where you can find everything you need for a special Mother’s Day in one place. The card, the gift and even the ready meals! (*Ahem…I mean…the ingredients to cook her favourite meal.)

Click through the slide show for some Mother’s Day gift ideas and click on the image if it tickles your fancy. I reckon that in 15 mins you’ll have the entire sorted! All you need to do is remember when the actual day is and to get the children to sign the card or at very least make them aware that it is in fact, mothers day!

Don’t for get our gift sponsor too. Ask Her Friends have an amazing array of brilliant gift ideas. It’s definitely worth you taking a look at these guys for some inspiration.

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We’ve also scoured the web, well… just amazon actually, but if you can’t get it on Amazon, it’s not worth having, right? Anyway, we’ve found a few little bits ‘n’ bobs that won’t break the bank but will be a nice little gift for the mum in your life! What do you think?



*Some items in this post were supplied in return for featuring.

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