Election Campaign Video goes Viral for all the Wrong Reasons!

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Twitter has been having a field day over the promotional video for the Conservative Party candidate for Audley and Queen’s Park Ward – Tiger Patel.

It’s Election day across the country with people flocking to have their voices heard at the polling booth. Every year there are some glorious videos of candidates that are just so silly, and this year is no exception!

Twitter has been having a field day over the promotional video for the Conservative and Unionist Party candidate for Audley and Queen’s Park Ward, Altaf Patel, commonly known as Tiger Patel.

In the video, he is walking around a beaten-up playground to the ‘Tabdeeli Ayi Re‘ song which was made famous during Imran Kahn’s Pakistan election campaign.

Why this video has gone viral is that at the end he walks up some steps to a slide with his hands held up in ‘Nixon style‘. The camera zooms out to reveal graffiti with the word ‘suck‘ and the drawing of a penis somehow perfectly positioned in front of him!

The videos were shared via Whatsapp during his campaign, with this being his second time he is running as a contestant.

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In an interview with Asian Image, Mr Patel said;

“It was a genuine mistake. The person filming it did not see it either. It only came to our attention after we sent it out.

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“I am not bothered about it one bit.”

Julia Arnold, the Chairman of the Blackburn Conservative Association was later called to speak about the matter.

“At the end of the day, when Tiger did the video, he didn’t notice the fruity graffiti, but that says it all for us.”

While the video itself is funny, what it does highlight is that more money and resources need to be spent maintaining children’s play parks. While that might not have been Mr Patel’s initial idea when he filmed the video, it certainly comes across at the end!

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