Essential Safety Tips for Air Fryer Owners

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The air fryer, a marvel of modern kitchen tech, has revolutionised the way we cook, making meal prep simpler and faster while keeping an eye on our energy bills. This compact device has become a staple in kitchens across the country, celebrated for its efficiency in crisping up our favourite treats, especially those perfect home-cooked chips. However, experts are now shedding light on a crucial safety and cost-saving tip that every air fryer owner needs to heed: the importance of unplugging the device when not in use.

The Hidden Dangers of Keeping Your Air Fryer Plugged In

While it’s tempting to leave the air fryer plugged in for convenience, experts warn against this practice due to the potential safety risks and unnecessary energy consumption it poses. Air fryers, like many other appliances, continue to draw a small amount of electricity even when switched off, a phenomenon known as ‘phantom power’. Over time, this not only contributes to higher energy bills but could also present safety hazards, particularly if the appliance is left unattended for extended periods.

James Longley, managing director at Utility Bidder, emphasises that while the energy drawn by an air fryer in standby mode might seem minimal, it accumulates over time, leading to wastage that could easily be avoided by simply unplugging the device. The risk extends beyond just the financial implications, as any appliance that remains plugged in carries a latent risk, however small, of electrical faults or hazards.

Cleaning Safely: Unplug First

Another vital safety tip highlighted by experts concerns the cleaning process of air fryers. Lydia Mallinson, a marketing manager at ZWILLING, advises that the air fryer should always be unplugged before any cleaning begins, especially if water is involved. Water is an excellent conductor of electricity, and cleaning the appliance while it’s still plugged in could lead to electric shock or other accidents, underscoring the need for cautious handling.

Beyond Safety: The Cost of Convenience

The convenience of leaving appliances like air fryers plugged in might seem insignificant in terms of energy consumption, but it contributes to what’s known as ‘zombie’ energy waste. This refers to energy consumed by devices that are not in active use but are left in standby mode or simply plugged in. By treating air fryers the same way we do more substantial appliances such as washing machines or tumble dryers—unplugging them after use—we can mitigate these hidden costs and ensure a safer kitchen environment.

While air fryers continue to be a beloved addition to our culinary arsenal, it’s imperative to use them with safety and energy efficiency in mind. By heeding expert advice to unplug these devices when not in use and ensuring they are safely disconnected before cleaning, air fryer enthusiasts can enjoy their favourite dishes with peace of mind, knowing they’re minimising risks and keeping unnecessary costs at bay.

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