Why Every Family Car Should Have All Season Tyres

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  1. Warren Conway

    This was actually very interesting & informative. Nice on Al!

  2. Tom Cox

    I have genuinely never even thought about this… and now i fee quite bad!! Great read, Al.

  3. Honest Mum

    Wow, how interesting must that have been, love a behind-the-scenes as you know and learnt a lot about the importance of tyres-will show off to P tomorrow! Thanks for this and the photos are fab!

  4. Martin

    This has realy made me think how little we care about our tyres and how important they are for family safety!

  5. Rachael

    Loads of great info thanks guys, will defiantly check my tyres now

  6. Scott Thatcher

    Brilliant useful information there! Cheers guys!

  7. Andrew

    I proper geeked-out in this post mate…very interesting. Incredible to know that an appropriate tyre can halve the stopping distance. Pretty scary stuff. I’ve always made sure to buy a decent tyre that rates highly, it’s just not worth saving a couple of quid by compromising saftey.

  8. Andy scott

    A thoroughly informative post!! I’ve been pondering my tyre choice for quite some time now, and am so glad I stumbled across this! Will definitely be looking at replacing my tyres! Thanks thdadnetwork, you’ve done it again!! :)

  9. Grace

    Very informative article. I was clueless about the importance of good tyres. I will definitely go get new Goodyear tyres. Thanks.

  10. Sian ellis

    I’ve never even considered this. I don’t even know what tyres I have, apart from them being the cheapest option at the time! This has made me want to check!

  11. Henry Ferguson-Gow

    An interesting read! It’s particular fascinating how the tire design can split the difference between slick tires for heat, and grip for colder and/or wetter conditions – and especially that the adaptability comes from a combination of both the chemical and physical properties of the tyre. It makes a lot of sense to have an adaptable tire that changes its characteristics based on the environment. I never realised how much design goes into tries beyond the tread pattern! I wonder if tire design varies between electric and combustion fueled cars as well?

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