Everything You Need to Know When Buying a Car Seat

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  1. ERFmama

    Great article! Was such a good experience working with you Al – I had a lovely time. :)

    They recently changed the RRP of the Joie Tilt to £70 (from £100) and Joie Steadi is now £100 (from £120).

  2. Jodie

    Wow so much information. Buying a car seat cab=n be incredibly frustrating, confusing and exciting too.

    • Al Ferguson

      SO confusing! And the more choice here is the harder it becomes. Hope you and the girls are all well :)

  3. Leyla Brooke

    Good article. Just to mention that erf is not always the safest option. The research is from Sweden where the roads are straight with little side impacts. Erf is safer in frontal impact but in a high speed shunt or side impact than forward facing is better. The best car seat needs to be one which doesn’t compromise the safety of other passengers. Erf can sometimes take up space for the person in front of them causing this passenger knees to be squashed into the airbag. It therefore depends on the journeys you travel as to which seat is the safest.

  4. Pat Jones

    Wow! I thought I’d done research when I was looking into car seats for our (now) three-year-old, but there are even more things to consider than I imagined. We have a travel system which we were going to use again with our little one due in a few months, but this has got me thinking again. It’s a good point about them getting to change position.

  5. Al Ferguson

    Does it? Oh no! Thank you. I’ll take a look. Not that I know much about Bloglovin

  6. The Pramshed

    This is really useful, thank you for putting this together. We will soon be in the process of moving our daughter up from group 0 maxi cosy cabrio to a group 1. It’s a bit of a minefield out there when it comes to car seats, but this helps to clarify. Claire x

  7. Jasmine

    Carseat were probably the biggest headache baby shopping! Excellent information.

  8. Vicky

    Hi everyone.
    I just wanted to share a bit of information about children’s necks that is really important when investing in the right car seat. A child’s neck bones do not fully form until they are between 3 and 4 years old. This makes them at risk of internal decapitation if involved in forward facing accident before their bones fuse. I don’t want to scare anyone but a child is 5 times more likely to suffer a fatal injury forward facing before they are 3 yrs old.
    I have my son rear facing as he is only 14 months and under 11kg. A couple of weeks ago we were involved in a high speed collision involving multiple cars. Although my son screamed when i hit the car in front of us (I was emergency braking at 50mph), he had no physical injuries. I truly believe its because he was rear facing.
    The car seat was the Joie every stage and we will be buying the same one again to replace it. Please mums and dads keep your little one’s rear facing for as long as you possibly can. I HOPE MY SON CAN REAR FACE TILL HE’S 4 YEARS OLD :)

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