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Exclusive: Romesh Ranganathan on how his mum cried herself to sleep because of his dad

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Published on 25/09/2019

On this week’s episode of the hugely popular Don’t Tell Your Mum podcast, Romesh Ranganathan opens up about how he used to watch his mum cry herself to sleep as a ‘direct result’ of what his dad had done.

The Don’t Tell Your Mum podcast, available on Global Player and all major podcast platforms is gaining momentum within the podcast world and this week’s episode welcomes top comedian, Romesh Ranganathan, as its guest.

During the episode Romesh opens up about his relationship with his father, the challenges he faced as a child and how he approaches raising his own kids in light of his experiences growing up.

During the episode, Romesh says,

There’s a lot of resentment building up for the fact I was seeing my mum cry herself to sleep every night as a direct result of what my dad had done.

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He goes on, talking about a conversation he had with his father,

‘How dare you tell me how to be in this house. You haven’t been here, what you’ve done to mum, what you’ve done to us.’

Romesh’s father served time in jail, after losing his company and his wife. The consequence of which was that Romesh ended up moving out of the family home and moving from private education into state education. Something he later states was actually an incredibly valuable experience, particularly on his journey to where he is now.

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There’s no doubt that this is one of the best Don’t Tell Your Mum Podcast episodes to date and well worth a listen.

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Romesh also reflects on how he got into comedy, the challenges he faces as a dad to his 3 children and of course, as you’d expect, he’s incredibly funny with it.

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