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My wife Jen, for 30 years has all but maintained a vegan diet. No dairy, no cake, no eggs and certainly no meat. Yet she hits the 2nd trimester and the extraordinary happens. Here’s a list of her recent meals:

#1 Shepherds pie… Especially the gravy!
#2 Cheese and crackers
#3 Sausage rolls (in abundance) 
#4 Cooked breakfast, including bacon, sausage and egg! 
#5 2 different types of cake – Coconut and lime and caramel and walnut. (She had 2 slices of each in one sitting! Not to mention the lemon drizzle cake and carrot cake from earlier in the week.) 
I nearly fell off my chair when I saw her eating the cake, let alone when she was sucking the gravy juice out the bottom of the empty shepherds pie dish!?!?%#*^%+ I almost offered her a straw! 
But I’ve learnt that the thing to do is play it cool. Don’t draw attention to it, just accept it and talk about it on your blog. I reckon that pregnant women do unexpected things all the time. Please share your tales.