Facebook Announce Their Communities Leadership Program and Guess What?

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  1. Deano Austin

    Amazing!! Well done team???? The future looks big for dadsnet??

  2. Kirren Summers

    Excellent news. Well done all of us and particularly Al

  3. Peter

    Awesome news! Well deserved. The group is fantastic and this will help reach more Dads!

  4. Luke Greer

    Fantastic!! That’s epic!!

  5. Daniel Grosvenor

    Amazing dude!! So excited for where this can all go and the guys we can reach!!

  6. Gavin Watson

    Fantastic news indeed. Onwards and upwards for the Dadsnet.

  7. Stewart MacLeod

    This is amazing, what an achievement, so excited for you guys and the dadnet to see where this ends up.

  8. Jamie Beags

    Awesome! Well done Al and family! Xx

  9. michael

    Well done Al. Thanks for making the TDN so inclusive. It’s great to be part of a movement and change how Dad’s see themselves and help each other. Keep being brilliant.

  10. Rhys32

    Amazing news. Exciting to see where this develops down the line. Great job ??

  11. Shey

    Bloody amazing! And very well deserved!

  12. John Francis

    Congratulations – this is great news for DADS everywhere!

  13. Dan

    Awesome AJ. Just keeps getting bigger and better!!

  14. Mike Towers

    Congratulations Al for being the rockstar who holds us all together, and to every dad who’s ever contributed to Dadsnet, whether you were offering or receiving support, as it all shows our worth. Let’s keep it up for our kids!

  15. David

    well done- a great opportunity to reach even more Dads

  16. Adam

    Awesome. Wonder if you can get Mr Facebook himself Mark Zuckerberg to join if you get to meet him at the HQ.

  17. R.C. Liley

    That’s awesome, Al and team, well deserved!

  18. Duncan

    Awesome well done. You’ll love FB hq it’s beautiful and amazing

  19. Greg

    This is amazing news
    Well done Al and family
    Also big shout out to the whole community

  20. Ben

    Fully deserved, well done all of you!

  21. Ben

    Congratulations. That is indeed A Very Big Deal. More power to you, Al and Jen.

  22. Jenny Barrett

    Wow! Wow! WOW!!! That is AMAZING- you two really are an inspiration. I know you ve had many devastating times over the past few years, but somehow you be been able to contour making all of this happen through it all!! Incredible, congratulations ??????

  23. Moshiur Rahman

    My dear great Razib Ahmed sir selected as a community leader so I am very happy.

  24. Dr. Mary Cantu, Ed.D.

    My application initiative indicated helping an array of children 18 to 26 to succeed in the real world. However, as seen from this application, I was not selected; instead I get a complimentary package from Facebook consisting of a pen Journal and slip lock pouch.

  25. mohamed omar

    Please inquire
    I received a blue card written in it
    you have put into applying for the facebook
    Community Leadership Programme

    What does this mean
    Have you become a program
    And what should I do next?


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