Facebook Community Admin Guidelines​

Facebook Group Guidelines for Admins & Mods 2020

  • Admin / Moderator Conduct
    • Admins should always treat each other with respect meaning we’re careful how we phrase our comments / posts, especially when we disagree about any particular decision that has been made.
    • We don’t like to undermine each other by acting before we inform / discuss. If you believe an admin has made an incorrect decision, raise it in the admin group first. If it needs discussing, we can. AJ will have the final say.  
    • Whilst we very much want the community to be a place for admins to benefit from, there has to be a distinction between admins and the general group members. For this reason, unless deliberately starting a useful (and uncontroversial) thread, admins should not post in the group. Refrain from engaging in discussions with members, especially when it’s in disagreement.
  • Approach
    • Hands off (with some hands on…)
  • Accepting Members
    • Men / Dads only – If it’s not obvious by their profile pic and / or security questions, check their profile for evidence of kids & evidence of being male. Some dads don’t have pics of their kids and some might be expecting so it can sometimes involve a little bit of digging. 
    • If it’s really difficult to see anything, use your common sense – a profile that is populated with ‘normal’ content, let them in. If it’s sparse with stock images, decline. 
    • Transgender – This is all about how the individual identifies (but is a grey area). If they identify and refer to themselves as a man/dad, then we can accept them. 
    • If we’re approaching a large milestone (thousands) hold off accepting members and check in the Admin group in case we’re planning any kind of promo / celebration.

  • Rules – I have updated the rules so they are now in the ‘Rules’ area as well as the pinned post in the announcements. If you think I’ve missed anything, just let me know.
    • Discrimination: We do not allow any discrimination. 
    • Respect: Please be respectful of others. Any post that is negative towards anyone’s race, sex, beliefs (spiritual, political & lifestyle), sexual preferences and looks, will be removed. The commenter / poster may be muted, removed or blocked without discussion from an admin/mod. 
    • Differences: The differences between each of our members is why we’re so successful. Disagree, but do it respectfully. 
    • Self-Promotion: We do not allow any posts or comments that are beneficial to the original poster, such as promoting your own business, blogs, Facebook pages, groups, website or requesting money. This includes posting your own content if you’re a blogger. 
    • Crowdsourcing: We do not allow any crowdsourcing of any kind. Our members are in this community to support one-another, not to be quizzed. 
    • Content: We try to allow as much content as possible as long as it’s legal and meets our rules. However, we do not allow gun posts (based on experience of how these threads end). We also encourage discussions on parenting primarily. 
    • Contesting an Admin: Our admins & mods are all volunteers, who give up countless hours making this community as good as it is. If you disagree with a decision email: dad@thedadsnet.com Please do not contact the admin directly. 

  • Discipline – 3 steps
    • Step 1: Delete any comment / post that goes against the rules. (Screenshot it first so you can share in the admin group if needed) This should really solve most issues and should be the first port of call in almost all situations. 
    • Step 2: Mute an individual for 24 hours if you feel he has consistently violated a community rule. It may not always be possible, but if you can, message them first with a quick explanation. 
    • Step 3: If you feel they need to be removed from the community, create a poll in the Admin group with an explanation of why (it may well be very obvious….).
      **You can’t add images along with a poll, so add any relevant screenshots in the top of the comments section.**
      We’ll have an admin vote to decide removal. Polls can be decided after 10 votes have been cast. In an even split or not enough votes, AJ will have final say. 

Any questions, just ask in the Admin group. 

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